Sound ideal beliefs to make up the spirit of the spirit

Sound ideal beliefs to make up the spirit of the spirit

Fifteen Ideal beliefs will never go out.

In the Central Soviet area and the Long March, the party and the Red Army are relying on a firm ideal belief and a strong revolutionary will, and a desperate rebirth, it is more frustrated, and finally has achieved victory, creating an incredible miracle.

We can’t forget the party’s initial heart and mission, can not forget the revolutionary ideals and revolutionary purposes, we must continue to high the banner of revolution, promote the great future spirit, and move forward towards the great revival of the Chinese nation. Today, in the new long-standing road, we must overcome a variety of major risks challenges from home and abroad, seize the new victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and still rely on the ideal beliefs and strong revolutionary will of the whole party. (From May 20 to 22, 2019, speaking at Jiangxi and hosted a speech when holding a symposium to promote the rise of the central region. The great struggle of features is still continuing, we are facing a series of major challenges, major risks, major resistance, and significant contradictions. Without a firm ideal belief, it will lose the direction in the complex environment of the chaotic cloud, and retreat under the huge pressure on the top of Taishan, and the annoyance of the bombing of the sugar-coated shells.

We must learn from the red gene, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", consciously do communist far-sighted ideals and socialist socialism People and faithful practitioners really become a Maxist warrior that is unfair, lifeless. (Speech at the end of January 22, 2019 At the end of Jiangxi examine, the seventeen ideal belief is the political soul of the Communists, which is the essential requirements of the foundation of the Communists.

Communists only have a high and firm ideal belief, they can do not forget to be happy, keep in mind their mission. To always don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission as a compulsory course, often repair lesson, often ask for the initial heart, timely repair the leaves, make up the calcium bones, and the ideals "total switch", in the big red, in front of the wind and waves There is no fear in front of the test, stand firm in front of various temptations, letting the party letter in front of the crucial moment, relying on, can rest assured.

(December 26, 2019, the speech at the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee "I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission" Topic Democratic Life will, keep in mind the mission, must be an eternal topic of strengthening the party’s construction and All party members, and unreasonable lifetime topics are often unreasonable. One person is also good, a political party is also good, the most rare is that after the vicissitudes of life, it is not changed, and the color is still in color. The party’s initiality and mission is the party’s nature purpose, ideal belief, and the focus of the goal of struggle, incentive, our party will always stick to our party. From the stone gate to Tiananmen, from Xingye Road to Fuxing Road, all the efforts of our party have conducted all the struggles, all the sacrifices made, are for the happiness and national rejuvenation.

It is because it is always adhered to this initiality and mission. Our party can develop strong in extreme troubles, in order to stand up in the end of the desperation, we can resolutely fought in the adversity. Forgot your initiality and mission, our party will change the nature, change the color, will lose the people, and lose the future.

(On January 8, 2020, at "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission" theme education summary conference) 19 I often talk about, party members, cadres should revolutionize the party constitution, revolutionize their entrances, revolutionary martyrs Home book.

The party constitution should be placed in the bed, often controlled the examination, see if he did it? See if you have any violation of the initiative? The room should be cleaned often, and the mirror should be wiped often.

To guide the party organizations and majority of party members, cadres often conduct ideological and political physical examination, and ask the Party Central Committee "to take the party rules" scan " "Control", continuously ask the initial heart, guarding the initial heart, constantly sticking to the mission, take the mission, always doing the initial heart, mission.

It is necessary to nourish the initial heart in the party’s innovation theory, lead the mission, find the initial heart, incentive mission in the extraordinary history of the party, to hit the initial heart, understand the mission, the initiative and mission becomes an intention, and the intensity of innovation The gods and the buried, and they really caught the active corporation.

(Speech at 2020 at "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission" theme education summary conference) 20th faith is crucial. For the belief in communism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the political soul of the Communists, which is the spiritual pillar of the Communists to live with any test. In the new era, firm belief beliefs, the most important thing is to firmly strengthen socialist roads with socialism, theory, confidence, and confident cultural confidence. The party’s hundred years of struggle history and great achievements are the most solid foundation of "four confidence". (Speech on February 20, 2021 at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference) 21 "Life World, Dangerous".

"No Party in the world, like this, has encountered so many difficulties, experienced so many life and death tests, paying more tragic sacrifice. For a hundred years, in response to various difficult challenges, our party tempered Fence, fear of strong enemy, not afraid, dare to fight, courageous, and quality. This is the most distinctive characteristics and characteristics of our party.

In the extraordinary struggle of a hundred years, generations of China’s Communists are tenacious and struggling, and they have been unremitting, and a large number of revolutionary martyrs who are decentralized, a large number of hard-working heroes, a large number of advanced models that give me dedication, forming Jinggangshan Spirit, Long March Spirit, Zunyi Conference, Yan’an Spirit, West Poor Spirit, Red Rock Spirit, Anti-US Aid Poly, "Two Biometrics" Spirit, Special Economic, Flood Flood Disaster, Earthquake Disaster Relief Spirit, Epretation of Epretation, Structure Chinese Communist Party ‘s Psychological Practice.

The reason why our party has been in a hundred years, and it is difficult to have a strong spirit of hardships, and it is a strong spirit that is desperately interested in a revolution. These valuable spiritual wealth has across time and space, long-lasting, concentrated on the party’s firm belief, fundamental purpose, excellent style, condense the great character of the Chinese Communists to struggle, sacrifice dedication, and pioneering into our party, country, Among the blood of the nation, the people’s blood, providing us with a strong nourishment.

(Speech at the Party History of Education Mobilization Conference on February 20, 2021).