Retired soldiers Mo Jie: "Give back to society is my life pursuit"

Retired soldiers Mo Jie: "Give back to society is my life pursuit"

"The newly covered building is spacious and comfortable, my son’s physical condition has been much better, and a family is worn, this is all overcome your help!" In early July, Niangji Mountain, Mao Ba Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province The 73-year-old veteran Luo Hongliang, pulled the retired soldiers Mo Ji’s hand.

Luo Hongliang has always lived in three short houses, loving people, big sons, two sons disabilities, the burden of the whole family rely on him. The first time I walked into Luo Hongliang, I saw his family’s live situation, Mo Jie was very not a taste. "The old squad leader is not easy to help him get out of the predicament, and if everyone will pick up the firewood flame, powerful, and have money." Under his initiative, the local patriotic support forces and related units positive response, very I will raise more than 90,000 yuan, helping Luo Hong to cover the new house. Moving into the new house On the same day, Mo Jie learned that Luo Hongliang’s second son urgently needed a surgery fee, and took the lead in organizing everyone to donate more than 10,000 yuan, solving Luo Family’s burning.

"This is just a minority of his love for veterans.

"Gao Yongxin, the political commissar of the municipal people, said that in recent years, Moji has led the employees to join the local patriotic support for the promotion, and actively carry out the" Easy to support the troops "activities.

Mo Jiecai, who has worked many times in the troops, and launched a company shortly after retiring in 1998.

He relys with good reputation and dare to fight for hard work, and he will do the business.

In order to bring the father of hometown, Mo Jie chose to return to the hometown to create a food distribution company integrating farmy trade products such as vegetables, fish, egg birds.

After entrepreneurial success, he did not forget the cultivation of the forces. He often led the company’s staff to visit the condolences, and was recognized by the local government as "the most beautiful military person" "excellent retired soldiers".

"One flower is not spring, Baihua Qi release spring," Mo Jie realized that as a party member, a veteran, caring for military union superior. Not long ago, more than 30,000 pounds of agricultural products in Nine Cang Town farmers have stagnant. Mo Jie immediately organized the field to find out the situation in the field of vegetable planting base, and helped the masses in the business model of "company + farmers" to help the masses solve the problem of agricultural products. Since 2019, Mo Jie actively undertakes the living guarantee of more than 30 orphan children.

He took the lead in establishing a psychological care group, conducting a pair of psychological counseles for aid child, regularly contacting relevant institutions to do health checkups to ensure healthy growth of these children. Up to now, Mo Jie has organized 149 support for the military universal activities, visiting the visit to the military veterans and military lifeligans, helping the poverty retired soldiers, have provided employment positions for 351 people, funding 435 orphans. The decisive battle decided to take the poverty, he led 133 households to set up a poverty-stricken household and poverty-poverty, received praise from all walks of life.

I mentioned these, Mo Jie said affectionately: "I am a communist party member who has been cultivated by the troops. It is the party and the army to cultivate me. It is the party’s good policy to let me go into the road, return party, give back to society. It is the pursuit of my life.

"(Zhu Guangqiang, Cheng Zedong) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei).