Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions Explore the "Eight Members" to meet the "full star" to "a fire"

Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions Explore the "Eight Members" to meet the "full star" to "a fire"

At noon at noon on October 25, Li Town, takeaway, sent a single-in-law station in Shuanghu Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, and drunk a free sour plum soup.

Li Tang said, he is tired, come here, take a break, eat some small snacks, which makes him feel tissue, very intimate.

This love station is the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions to open a courier, a restaurant, security, etc., the original intention is to continuously improve their working conditions.

In addition to water and snacks, the station is also equipped with basic facilities such as refrigerators, microwaves, emergency drugs, charging treasures. It is free to use new state workers throughout the year. The deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions said that in recent years, with the upgrade of digital economy and mass consumption, the car driver, a courier, security guard, a housekeeping staff, a webmaster, and a care care care Members, shopping mall information, real estate agent (ie "eight major members)) These new state workers have become an indispensable force in Suzhou’s staff teams. To this end, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions launched more and more "eight major powers" to join the trade union, enjoy the concern of "Mother", helping Suzhou to build a laborer’s employment entrepreneurs preferred city brand. Nearly 70,000 people have a "mother family" to draw blood, do B-ultrasound, ECG test … Recently, Jiangsu Yong Tong Guo Service Co., Ltd. security guards Ren Li and colleagues did a special medical examination – Suzhou University of Trade Union organized Physical examination.

"We have a major time to stand in a job or patrol, a job, often back pain.

"Ren Li said," This trade union organization allows us to make targeted inspections according to their own work, and let us know that their body is good. "And Ren Lili participated in the medical examination, as well as a total of more than 300 people such as the courier and the housekeeper. They all received the medical examination notice from the Industry Union Federation.

Although they have different times of joining the trade union, they are generally experienced. Package, Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions pays attention to solving new-state workers most concerned, helping them to divert more skill training, quality improve resources, and promote new state employees to more professional, specialized and standardized directions developing. Wu Xudong, the grassroots working minister of the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions, said: "We enjoys the care and service of the trade union organization by adding the ‘eight major" groups to the trade union organization, let them feel the support of the’ mother.

"At present, the" eight major "groups of Suzhou have established different levels of trade union organizations, 68,698 members, and 6,86,696, entering members.

Behind the number of invested people with nearly 70,000 people in the Union Federation of Trade Unions, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions has continuously explored the results of innovation.

"Eight members" generally have problems with strong individuality, weak tissue, low liquidity, low levels of cultural, and difficulty in maintenance, so that there are many problems in the meeting. "Trade Union organizes the ‘Mother Family" of the employee, and should be the owner’ eight major members’ rights guaranteed.

"Wu Xudong said, in order to guide the" eight major members ", in April 2018, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions released the" Guidance of the Advanced Corporate Trade Union Reform ", clearly proposed, maximize the" eight major members "employees Organize to the union, and on the basis of field research, the "eight major members" will be specially deployed, and "1 + 1" work mode, research, investigate, explore the "homecent waiter + self-selected group" union assembly Work, in various places to form the experience and model of "Informal Employment, Non-Standard Labor Relations". In 2019, Suzhou launched the "eight major powers" union to build a comprehensive touched work, "first easy, step by step, classification , The principle of focusing on the "eight major members" industry authorities, associations and leadership enterprises, and coordinate the promotion of the meeting.

In October 2020, the Suzhou Security Industry Trade Union Federation, Suzhou Family Services Industry Trade Union and Suzhou Express Industry Union Federation were listed. Up to now, Suzhou has implemented all the main express brand grassroots trade union full coverage. Xu Jie Wen, Chairman Suzhou Express Industry Trade Union, said: "With the carrier of the Federation, we provide more care for the hard work of the little buddy.

"Active service expansion effective coverage and Suzhou huge use of indispensable volumes are only the hoss of the iceberg. At present, Suzhou is striving to build a laborer’s employment entrepreneurship’s preferred city. To this end, Suzhou City Federation is accelerating The "eight major members" will admit the pace of meeting. "Promoting the ‘eight major members’ to meet, that is, by forming a dispersed individual, ‘will gather full of stars into a group of fire’. "Wen Xianghua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, said that the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions has been interacting with multi-platform construction, with professional industry enterprises, constantly exploring, and finds the best construction meeting, join Paths and methods, effectively enhance employee’s income rate, expand the union coverage, let the "eight major members" group truly feel the warmth and care of the organization.

In order to expand the coverage of the trade union preferential policy, the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions opens "I want to enter" window on the Soviet app, and established "APP Application Member Temporary Library" to facilitate unintended units. "Workers’ online will be invited." In response to the difficulty of the "eight major powers", the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions established special prize funds, covering the regionality, industry trade union organizations that "eight major powers", and clarify the norms established in the past three years. The trade union organizes a one-time conference award funds for uniformity.

In order to expand the effective coverage of trade union organizations and trade unions, Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions focus on solving the problem of workers’ health and other problems. Zhu Jianchun, the party group and Vice-Chairman of the Suzhou City Bureau of China, said that by having a plan to carry out the "eight major members" activities to send cool, send body inspection, send books and other diversity services to send the party and the government’s care to the staff. , Constantly enhance their trust trust in the party and the government and the "mother", enhance the sense of "eight major powers", happy, safe.

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