Road map task book, finalize the new round of social security reform dividends will be released

Road map task book, finalize the new round of social security reform dividends will be released

Original title: Road map task book finalized the new round of social security reform dividends will release for a long time, the social security treatment adjustment policy is intensively landing, covering retirees pension, urban resident pensions, work injuries, unemployment insurance, and medical treatment.

At the same time, the new round of social security reform road maps also float, involving multi-level social security systems, and fully implementing the national insured programs, steadily improving social security treatment levels.

The relevant departments are also advancing the national coordination of pensions, "three medical linkage" reforms in the tips.

According to industry insiders, with key sectors and key link reforms, social security dividends will also release deeply. Since July 1st, Shanghai began to adjust some of the people’s livelihood guarantees, mainly including unemployment insurance standards, three treatment standards for work injury insurance. Among them, the unemployment insurance premiums, the first payment standard is 1975 yuan / month; the 13-24 month payment standard is 1580 yuan / month; the extended payment standard is 1330 yuan / month. Beijing has released 2021 social security treatment standard centralized adjustment programs, adjusting retirees pension, urban residents’ basic pension and welfare pensions, work injury insurance regular treatment, unemployment insurance treatment and minimum wage standards. Among them, enterprises retirement pension quota increases 50 yuan per month, and the hook adjustment is appropriately increased according to the payment period, and the pension level is appropriately increased. The unemployment insurance premium standard is up to 218 yuan on the current basis, and it is implemented on August 1st.

In addition, since July 1st, Shenzhen raised local medical insurance and fertility insurance payment base and treatment solvency; Hainan included 12 chronic special disease diseases into basic medical insurance outpatient reimbursement, reducing the medical expenses of insured personnel. Since this year, my country’s social security treatment has been adjusted to densely landing. The basic pension of enterprises in the enterprise is in the past 17 years, as of the end of June, 31 provinces pension raised programs have been released.

Unemployment insurance, work injury insurance treatment is also significantly improved. The Secretary-General of the World Social Security Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that the reporter of the Economic Reference Report said that since this year, the social security coverage has continued to expand, continuing the implementation of the "exemption of slowing down" policies to expand the scope of unemployment policy. In the event of an epidemic, the basic pension of retirees rose, ensuring a certain magnitude increase. At the same time of social security treatment, the construction is more equitable, and more sustainable social security systems are also expected.

In recent times, relevant departments and places are also intensively issued relevant policies.

Fully implement the national insurance plan; realize the basic pension insurance of enterprise employees, unemployment insurance provincial coordination, work injury insurance provincial coordination is more perfect; gradually improve the basic pension standard of urban and rural residents; improve the development of multi-level, multi-pillar pension insurance system, Vigorously develop enterprise annuity, professional annuity, improve enterprise annuity coverage, standardize the third pillar of development of endowment insurance, promote personal pension development … The latest "Human Resources and Social Security" 14th "Planning" released new An important signal of a round of social security reform.

The relevant person in charge of the Planning Finance Division of the Ministry of Human Social Society, the multi-level social security system in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is more sound.

Basic pension insurance enrollment rate reached 95%, unemployment insurance, and the number of work injury insurance reached 100 million people respectively.

Supplementary pension insurance funds exceeded 4 trillion yuan.

The basic pension capital of urban and rural residents entrusted investment funds exceeded 400 billion yuan.

Flexible. Social security reform "breaking ice" is one of the highlights.

my country will promote the full coverage of employee basic endowment insurance from the system to the statutory crowd, and the flexible employees will have a restrictions on social insurance, and actively promote the willingness and payable flexible employment personnel and new employment form. Personnel and other participants of basic endowment insurance. "Furtherprwardly improve the level of social insurance, which is conducive to achieving the unity of social insurance systems, policies, management, and services in all coordinates areas, which is conducive to the fairness of the various social insurance systems. At the same time, through comprehensive implementation The National Insured Program, the coverage of social security is continuously expanded.

Jin Wei Kong, the president of China Labor and Social Security Research Institute, said. Pension National Coordination is also arrowing on strings. Zhang Ji Nan, Minister of Human Social Security, pointed out that in improving the central tuning system of the pension insurance fund, to achieve provincial overall insurance, accelerate the promotion of pension insurance Co-ordination. Medical security benefits, the General Office of the State Council has recently issued a focus on the five-year-old work tasks, accelerating the promotion of medical, medical insurance, medical linkage reform, and improve the national medical insurance system.

The State Council executive meeting held on July 7, deployed the measures to further promote the efficient and convenient and convenient support for medical insurance, including the focus on groups such as tens of millions of mobile population, especially migrant workers, and accelerated the inpatients, the outpatient cost is different from the medical settlement service. On the place, since July 1st, the "Zhejiang Medical Security Regulations" officially implemented, through expanding the scope of the guarantee, reducing the major illness, shortening the return of retirement payment, and improve the medical security treatment of the insured person.

Sichuan Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Medical Security System", explicitly to the end of 2021, comprehensively do the basic medical insurance city-level co-ordination; by 2025, basically complete the treatment, financing operation, payment method, drug equipment collection, fund Reform tasks in supervision, medical services, medical services, etc.

Fang Lianquan said, improve multi-level social security system, focusing on implementing national insured programs, improving social security system, and improving social insurance treatment adjustment mechanisms, strengthening social insurance fund supervision. In addition, it should also be combined with the changes in the economic and social situation during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, adhere to the system concept, coordinate, to the grasp of reform and innovation, and comprehensively promote the reform measures in social security, implement planning goals, and achieve multi-level urban and rural social security systems. High quality sustainable development.

"Should promote the national overall retirement and extension of the minimum payment period, improve the treatment adjustment mechanism, to expand the benefits of unemployment insurance system, explore the establishment of multi-level work injury insurance, promote new employment formal groups, accelerate social security fund investment, etc. Further reform in key areas.

"Fang Quan said.

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