Shandong Province Dongchangfu District Commission Office read a good "five tactics," preparation assist mechanism to a new level

Shandong Province Dongchangfu District Commission Office read a good "five tactics," preparation assist mechanism to a new level

  Shandong Province Dongchangfu Xi Jinping District Commission Office to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, adhere to the principle of party organization establishment tube, take the initiative to adapt to the new situation and new requirements of the new normal, focused implement the plan, and effectively improve work efficiency, read a good "five tactics," the preparation of the assist mechanism to a new level.

  Focus political rules, "prison" tree thinking the rule of law.

First, effectively improve the political stations. In-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, deepening the party’s theoretical innovation and learning, taking on the overall work with the party’s theory. Regularly held a special meeting on the arrangements for the work of party building, and actively promote the standardization of standardization work of party building, leadership by example and set an example to play a central role in persuading party building, efforts to raise their political consciousness, moral standards, educational attainments and service levels.

Second, further promote the construction of the rule of law. The use of "three will be a lesson," the theme party day, focus on learning day, party members and volunteer services, the study of the issues propaganda "Communist Party of China preparation institution regulations" and interpretation, preparation of management laws and regulations and policy institutions provides a deep understanding of understanding of agency and staffing policy regulations, firmly establish the "rule of law is the preparation of" consciousness, the daily operations and institutions to prepare the construction of the rule of law closely, normalization, "the study of law, understanding, usage," the study results into real capacity and ability to solve practical problems. Focus system security, "excellent" style of work. First, the rules and norms of scientific management.

Combined with the new situation and new tasks, to further strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the Party organization of the preparation, the preparation of management authority and procedures strictly agencies, revising and improving the editorial board of District District Commission Office rules and work rules, sound director’s office, all the work meeting system will wait staff, a good steward of the formation mechanism of using the system. The second is to strengthen supervision and improve the style. Strictly implement the Clean and Honest, uphold and improve the leadership system and working mechanism against corruption, seriously implement the "A Pair of responsibility," the relevant requirements, establish education, supervision, prevention, punishment of four in one of the institutional system. Independent supervision will focus shifted from working eight hours outside supervision to guide cadres and workers to establish noble life sentiment as a preventive measure, self-cultivation, preparation of cadres and institutions to establish pragmatic honest, competent and efficient good image. Focus co-ordinate the preparation of "strong" protection of people’s livelihood.

First, the optimal adjustment of system resources. Based on the preparation of the actual mechanism, focus on economic development, improving people’s livelihood and other key areas, optimizing resource allocation, adjusting the innovative ideas, and strive to break the structural and institutional obstacles. In accordance with the principles of "strictly control the total amount and revitalize the stock, optimizing the structure," the rational allocation of system resources, maximize the benefits of the use of the preparation institution. The second is to protect people’s livelihood needs. Strictly do administrative preparation, career preparation, staff control the total (number of personnel control), such as different types of organizations, personnel management, co-ordinate the use of all types of system resources. Preparation of further regulatory bodies and compiled into a plan to use, with the current focus on tasks, and consider open enrollment (recruits), the deployment of high-level talents, resettlement (army, placement of non-commissioned officers), free education for students (medical students, Agriculture students) and other ed with demand, with the development of annual research compiled into the program, the system resources to tilt the town (street) and education, health, disease control and other fields, and strengthen the protection of people’s livelihood preparation.

  Focus interoperability, "a total of" sharing information resources. First, update the maintenance data. Preparation of real-name system and take full advantage of information systems, institutional reform after the establishment or adjustment mechanism, agencies and institutions for organization name, organization size, preparation of matters under the relationship, the main responsibility, leadership positions, internal organs, such as the preparation of several agencies time to adjust update of change involved in revolutions scribe personnel information, together with adjustments to ensure that data is true and accurate.

Strict implementation of real-name system "Monthly", "Annual Report" and "public institution" to ensure standardized and transparent information.

Second, the coordination of resource sharing.

Improve and perfect the mechanism staffing and funding management coordination mechanism to enhance interoperability and information organization, Human Resources and Social, financial and other sectors of mutual trust, sharing common resources.

Commission Office established an internal coordination mechanism stock room, downsizing matters agency audit processing time, make full use of real-name system management information system, and effectively improve work efficiency, improve service levels. Focus tracking the results, "ruthless" catch implemented. First, improving the organization establishment of monitoring mechanisms. Adhere to problem-oriented, to the supervision and inspection found problems to sort out the summary classification, supervision and inspection of the formation of accounting issues, and inform implementation of the rectification. Strengthen coordination linkage and organization, discipline, Human Resources and Social, financial and auditing departments to increase efforts to deal with the preparation of agency violations of law, refuses to rectification, do not follow the required rectification, the rectification is not in place, according to the law and accountable treatment, while the hook institutions to prepare the implementation of the annual performance appraisal, give full play to the role of supervision and inspection of restraint.

The second is the preparation of reporting regulatory bodies. Seriously implement the "preparation of reporting institutions (for Trial Implementation)" and the relevant institutions to prepare the party regulations, strengthen the preparation of the reporting entity departments (units) party committees (party) institutional responsibilities, clear the contents of the report, the report time, reporting requirements, and strictly implement implement the party’s institutions to prepare guidelines and policies and decisions and arrangements.