The 95th anniversary of the Shenyang Palace Museum: Protecting the Cultural Heritage

The 95th anniversary of the Shenyang Palace Museum: Protecting the Cultural Heritage

Zhongxin Net Shenyang November 16th (Reporter Han Hong) On November 16, Shenyang Palace Museum ushered in the 95th anniversary of the building.

In 1926, in the Shengjing Palace, the East Third Provincial Museum as the first public museum in the northeast, and opened to the public in 1929. Since then, the "Feng Tian Palace Museum" in the Japanese Puppet period, the "Shenyang Museum" in the National Government, a "Shenyang Museum", a "Shenyang Museum", a "Shenyang Museum", a difficult to maintain.

After Shenyang Liberation in 1948, the Northeast People’s Government established the "Shenyang Forbidden City Exhibition Center". In 1955, it was renamed "Shenyang Palace Museum", 1986, "Shenyang Palace Museum Museum".

95 Spring and Autumn, Shenyang Palace from the past banned area, becoming a national first-class museum that publicly visited.

A generation of Shenyang Forward Museum is difficult to explore, the fire is passed, and the road to carry forward the promotion of China’s excellent traditional culture. Providing effective protection for cultural heritage as the management unit of the world cultural heritage, one of the main responsibilities of Shenyang Palace Museum is to effectively protect cultural heritage, how to introduce excellent cultural heritage to the next generation into an important topic.

In the past five years, Shenyang Palace has completed the "Shenyang Forbidden Palace Ancient Buildings, Phase I, Second Project", "Teacher Savotive Project", "Teacher Shan Decorative Project", etc. Ancient architectural repair work, and adhere to preventiveness The protection concept, the establishment of the Heritage Monitoring Center, deform monitoring of Shenyang Forbidden Palace ancient buildings. Both color painting protection projects and world heritage monitoring projects are the first in Liaoning Province, achieving the protected technology protection to transition from physical protection to preventive protection. In addition, the public demonstration and observation experience activities such as "the ancient building oil and color paintings", "combing parasystem Come.

Let more cultural relics to exhibit Li Sheng, whoever, from Shenyang Palace Museum, in the past 29 exhibition halls, the current opening of the exhibition hall, is the largest period of the exhibition hall in Shenyang Forbidden City, the exhibition hall The cultural relics are also the most. Li Sheng said that Shenyang Palace Museum broke all exhibitions from a department, and selected a selection of representative of the whole hospital. High-level curator, able to intervene in the exhibition in all directions, integrally planning from the theme establishment, value mining, environmental creation, exhibit layout, etc., so that the exhibition is in-depth, and I like it. "The three-piece cultural relics of the Shenyang Palace," "The crowd is looking for him thousands of Baidu – Shenyang Forbidden City ‘people’s favorite three cultural relics selection activities’ 100 pieces of the national treasure show" and other carefully planned exhibitions to the audience Tell the Chinese story.

The landmark buildings such as cultural decoction, and the phoenix building, such as "explosive models", and the deep palace of the deep palace is in the form of ice cream, night lights, tea pets into the usual people’s home, More and more young people walk into the Shenyang Forbidden City "Strine" cafe, "savory" milk tea shop taking pictures, will "eat into the belly" "" New trend. The research and development concept of Shenyang Forbidden City, the research and development concept is to bring culturally to home, let the cultural relics "live" in the Qing Dynasty, integrate culture into life, and use cultural to decapitate.

Li Sheng said that in recent years, Shenyang Palace Museum has ushered in new historical development opportunities. In 2019, the Temple repair was complete and opened to the outside, marking the Shenyang Forbidden City to achieve 100% open.

In 2021, the opening area was expanded, and the old site of the Northeast Telecom Management was rebuilt and became the palace of "Hui Palace Vientiane – Qinggong Furniture and Emperor Life" and opened to the audience. In the future, the Khan Wang Palace site, the old site of the Tiefang Timagong, the land of the Tongze Club will be built in the Shenyang Forbidden City Khan Wanggang Site Museum, the Qing Dynasty court Art Museum, Shenyang Forward Museum near the modern art hall, showing Shenyang Forbidden City deep historical culture Chinese story.

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