Strictly defense the "Shanxi position" time tight the epidemic prevention and control this string!

Strictly defense the "Shanxi position" time tight the epidemic prevention and control this string!

Yellow River News Network (Reporter Qianlong) Currently, the situation of new coronal pneumonia is still serious and complicated.

The global epidemic is popular, and the number of new epidemic control measures. The new diagnosis case has rebounded 4 consecutive years, and the cumulative diagnosis of new coronal pneumonia is more than 5 million.

On November 12, the reporter held a press conference from the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office. At present, the new round of epidemic in China presents multi-disseminated, local outbreaks, and has spread 21 provinces. There is no local case in Shanxi.

As of 19:00 on November 11, there were 6 high-risk regions in the country, 91 in the middle-risk areas. Shanxi is in the surrounding surrounding epidemic, the pressure and challenge of external prevention input is further increased.

Feng Lizhong, director of the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Control, said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is serious, Shanxi will adhere to the people’s supremacy, life is not shaken, adhere to the total strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound", adhere to normalization of normal science precision prevention and control Do not stop, decisive control risk vulnerabilities, build a density prevention and control barrier, cautious, often, strictly guard against the "Shanxi position".

Unified and efficient command, the Shanxi Province, which has been unified and efficient, and the Shanxi Province has held three provincial committees and 5 provincial meetings, analyzing the research situation, making arrangements deployment. Lin Wu secretary, Blue Fliven, deputy secretary of Shang Li Guang, deputy governor of Wu Wei, deputy governor, deputy governor, Sun Hongshan, etc. Work special off, strictly implement the value of the crime, and always maintain emergency state and normal operation. Provincial Prevention and Control Office held a number of meetings, the first time, the first time, the first time released a health tips, organized experts to analyze the research and judgment, implement the one-day dispatch, flexible dispatching, double-line operations, and sent the whole process of the medical experts Guidance, the province’s health and health system is moving, day and night, resolutely implement the control measures of "Fengyang will report, Fengyang omen, accept the report, the first-served screen".

Continuously improve the emergency plan, organize the province’s epidemic prevention and control emergency training drills in the province, and actively do the preparation of various work to respond to sudden epidemic.

Highlighting in an emergency combination, efficiently operating the emergency integration command mechanism, ensuring the first time, the first time decision, the first time, and firmly grasp the initiative of the epidemic prevention and control.

In the second half of the year, it has actively responded to the strong impact of the province of China’s multi-wheel epidemic, and it is rapidly decisively disposed of Taiyuan old military camp, Datong Third Hospital, Zhangzhou Mountain Yin, Yangquan Mining Area, Yuncheng Salt Lake District, Linyi Hongdong Service Area, Changzhi Freight drivers and other epidemic communication risks, scientific accurate response to U36 tourism specials, Datong Yuyuan, Zhangzhou prison, successfully completed the autumn school, Taiyuan energy low carbon development forum, National Day holiday and twelfth The party congress and other major security tasks have won another epidemic prevention and control.

Closely cooperate, strictly control the external defense input "five customs" to strictly link multiple departments such as traffic card, public security, Weijian, airport, railway, etc., the province launched 378 epidemic investigation-controlled sites; the average dispatched police force 2800 People, 1500 people, volunteers and other personnel, 500 volunteers and other personnel; accumulative to visit the high-risk area, 10,000 vehicles.

Strictly control the investigation management control, this year’s accumulated information 3598,570, accumulated 49,03,393 people, including 4,0293 people who have a time-space in the middle and high-risk areas and cases. Especially since October 13, accumulated controlled controlled 24,168 people, including 7,384 people who have a time and space in high-risk areas and cases, all of which are in place, and nucleic acid detection is negative. The overseas input, closed-loop management 83 interposed, 4,453 free diagnosis and treatment, hospitalization, hospitalization and centralized isolation of medical observations, report 125 cases of diagnosis in overseas, 122 cases, 3 cases were isolated in the hospital Treatment, no associated epidemic occurs.

Strictly control the import of cold chain customs, the province’s accumulation of key places such as farmer’s market, seafood product market, slaughterhouse, etc., 895,570, of which 29 batch of goods have a total of 91 outer packaging positive samples Two environmental positive samples, 2 positive samples of objects, all safe disposal, no epidemic transmission.

Strictly check the express mail, cumulative investigation of 1327 participation infectional goods, 1477 people involved in the participants, the collection environment, 3904 samples, the nucleic acid detection is negative, all safe disposal, block the epidemic. Scientific and accurate guarantee, building a defensive safety basis, to achieve "six in place" monitoring warning disposal, efficiently run multi-point trigger warning response system, accumulating management information 1062191, triggering the warning information 3190, all the first time response Disposal. The streaming traceability management is in place, and the multi-sector is divided into two strengthening teams, and the total handling of the investigation letter is 1,275, and the control is 1,6005, and more than 20,000 passes. The isolation site is in place, according to the standards per 10,000 people, the province has reserves more than 800 quarantine hotels and more than 60,000 interlaced rooms.

Nucleic acid detection ability is in place, open 264 nucleic acid testing agencies to the society, and meet the need to check the inspection needs.

At the same time, the provincial inspection resources, complement staff, materials, equipment gaps, and further enhance the nucleic acid detection ability.

Medical treatment is guaranteed, and the standard is set up in 176, and 16 provincial and secondary designated hospitals are guaranteed to prevent emergencies. The vaccination tissue is in place, and the province’s accumulated reports of new crown vaccines, covering thousands, including thousands of people have completed the whole process, and the province has initially established an immune barrier for the prevention of new crown viruses.

We launched a group control, ensuring that the work is effective, and the "three strengthening" strengthening the community prevention and control, the implementation of the community’s epidemic prevention and control work system, establishing the "three-level package protection" system, implement county, township, township package Village, village package; strict implementation of public security, Wei Jian, mener, volunteer, township (street) cadres "five packs and one" grid management, the first time to receive information, find someone in the first time, first Time isolation control. Strengthen civil responsibility and implement the patriotic health movement, fully strengthen publicity and education, guide the masses to establish a sense of consciousness of their own health, insist on less gathering, hard work, wearing masks, gathering, etc., etc. Good health habits, do personal protection Actively respond to the masses concerned, as of now, 12320 hotline acceplifies the new crown pneumonia epidemic related consultation 88701 times, in which the concentrated problem is a new crown vaccine related policy consultation 23,825 times, travel restrictions Question of 16269 times, and consult 8429 times in health code. Strengthen supervision and inspection and implementation, establish and improve the regular epidemic prevention and control supervision mechanism, since this round of epidemics, the provincial prevention and control office sent more than 140 pairs of people to enter the city, carrying out 3 rounds of epidemic Control supervision, various municipalities and counties also sent a supervision group, and the province has been covered by the city, the city’s all-round coverage, the county is covered with the township, and the layers are compromised.