Taking life to interpret the initial heart (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, depletion of the poor)

Taking life to interpret the initial heart (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, depletion of the poor)

Huang Wenxiu, the original secretary of Bailun Village, Leye County, Guangxi, China: Walking into the Times Huang Wenxiu’s livestation in the village of Guangxi, Xinhua Town, Xincheng Town, Xincheng Town, and a thriving scene."The villagers are now a good day, and the efforts of Huang Wenxiu are dedicated. She has made a good poverty base for Baiyi Village.

"Secretary of the Party Branch of Baiyi Village said Zhou Chang War.

  In 2019, Baiyi Village realized the whole village. At the end of 2020, all poor households in Baiyi Village were leaning down.

Huang Wenxiu is finally realized.

  "She wrote a resolutely won the mission to win the poverty and strive to win the lectures." In today, I retrieved the news of the news, Zhou Chang Wars still feel sad.

In the early morning of June 17, 2019, their first secretary Huang Wenxiu was a mountain flood unfortunately, only 30 years old.

  "She wrote a resolute to win the mission of the universal attack and strive to win." Zhou Chang said.

  In 2016, after graduating from the master’s degree from Beijing Normal University, Huang Wenxiu gave up the opportunity to stay in the big city, and choosing to join the selection team to return to Baise, and determined to change the backwardness of his hometown. Just a year, Huang Wenxiu requested the grassroots.

In August 2017, she went to Tianyang County, Tianyang County, Tianyang County, was held by the Party Committee Deputy Secretary; March 2018, and took the initiative to request a more difficult country’s national poverty alleviation development work, Key County Leye County held a Bailun Village. First secretary.

  Huang Shijing, Changsha, Baiyi Village, has asked Huang Wenxixi: "You are a graduate student of big cities, how can you want to come to such a remote rural work?" Huang Wenxiu thought for him to say to him, "Xiaokang is not well-off, the key to see Old township. Baise is my hometown, and is one of the main battlefields of the country. As a party member, what is the reason I don’t come back? "Huang Wenxiu is dispersed, Huang Wenxiu is overbearing, with nearly two Month times visited the village 195 household files. "She is like my daughter.

"Wei Nai is Huang Wenxiu’s pairing helper object, she clearly remembers that in 2018, the Wenxiu visited her family to visit 12 times, in addition to the cold and warmth, also helped her 30 acres of oil tea, and coordinated her resolution Subsidies, medical reimbursement and other issues.

  One piece, a pile, Baiyu Village almost everyone can say the story related to Huang Wenxiu. Huang Wenxiu served as the first secretary of Bailun Village for 1 year and 82, helping the 88 people in the village to get poverty poverty, and the incidence of poverty is reduced to%. "The days are more prosperous, everyone’s strength is more featful" A 3-storey building, Bailun Village offensive honestymao and family are busy in the kitchen, the table is full of food, and the self-cultivation of the sugar orange is on the side , Huang Cancan is conspicuous. "My family has more than 20 acres of silicon orange. It has been more than 6,000 pounds last year. It has more than 10,000 yuan per acre." In addition to the gravel orange, Ben Dangmao planting octagonal, oil tea, etc., the annual income is nearly 100,000 yuan. Under him, the 20-year-old son also played a gravel orange in the family.

"Now life, I bought a car at the end of last year, I can drive it to the sand candied orange base." "This loss of the Duxiu Secretary.

"Ban Dangmao said that there is a tradition of planting a sandboy orange, but it is not selling, and there is no sales. If you can’t earn it. After Huang Wenxiu arrives, it is to contact Baise a company in the village, teach technology, help the village Standardized orchard. In order to open the market sales, she actively explored the online sales path and established a Baiyi Village E-commerce Service Station.

  The country should revitalize and develop is the last word. Together with the cadres of Huang Wenxiu and Village, lead the masses to explore industries suitable for our own development – planting sandbao, star anise, fir, and so on.

After hard work, the village growing in fir from the original more than 20,000 mu, which has developed from more than 2,000 mu of 3,000 acres, and has developed more than 1800 acres of more than 600 acres.

  At present, the village has gradually improved the construction of infrastructure such as roads, water conservancy and is implementing the village landscaping, civilized new wind and other projects.

"At that time, the Duxiu secretary told me that as long as the industry in the village developed, everyone will live new houses and buy new cars.

Today, these are all achieved! "Babymao said," The days are more and more red, everyone’s strength is more. "Learn to carry forward the spirit of Huang Wenxiu, continue to put the ‘Changzheng Road’" to the Huang Wenxiu, Yang Jiexing, the first secretary of the Village, took us to the use of the new cement road. " This road is known to ‘get rich in the road by the villagers. The road is the most worn in the essay. "Yang Jiexing said that this cement road is 22 kilometers long, connecting 11 thousands. Before the road is not repaired, the village vehicles will be very difficult, and the villagers growing along the way, it is difficult to sell outside." It is The efforts of the Secretary of the Hand show, this road finally built a car at the end of December 2019. "On June 14, the last working day before her duty was still in discussing the project in the village."

Zhou Chang War said that on the same day, a channel of irrigated 200 acres of farmland was broken by the mountain flood, Huang Wenxiu heard the news. The first time led the village cadres to the scene to see the disaster situation. That night, organize you to collect the disaster situation, how to pay close attention, Solve the difficulties of the masses. Writes in the party application of Huang Wenxiu: "A person must live meaningful, viable, and can not live for himself, to use his strength to others, for the country, for the nation, Contribute to society.

"For more than a year, the cadres of the village have passed the battalion of Huang Wenxiu, and Baiyi Village has formulated the" 139 "industry development plan of the Wenxiu poverty alleviation industry, and established Baise Xiu, Blessi Baiyi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., registered" Show " "100 百 坭" "100 百" "3" "beautiful", relying on the characteristic industry to create a series of agricultural products, such as the "Show Fuxi" series of produce, honey, and clean water, etc., helping the masses to help the masses sell agricultural and sideline products. Ensure continuous income, strengthen the village collective economy.

  "The great era calls for great spirit, and the lofty care requires an example lead.

We must learn to carry forward the spirit of Huang Wenxiu, and continue to go down the ‘longjun road’. Yang Jiexing said.