Set the alarm clock can not buy Ling Nabei children Shanghai Disneyland apologized and promised to increase the fill volume Ling Nabei children Disney – News

Set the alarm clock can not buy Ling Nabei children Shanghai Disneyland apologized and promised to increase the fill volume Ling Nabei children Disney – News

Set a good alarm clock rang, purchase channels can be reserved pages difficult to open, "Ling Nabei child" and on hot search.

December 12, 2021 in the evening, open the appointment channel displays expiry.

Phone shots 20:12 12, was originally a Shanghai Disneyland "top-rate star" Ling Nuobei child of three commodity "conventional models Ling Nuobei children plush toys," "2021 Christmas series Ling Nabei children plush toys," and "Christmas 2021 series Ling Nabei child plush toy key ring" on-time appointment purchase channel. Christmas series Ling Nuobei children in accordance with the rules of Shanghai Disneyland pre-announced, these three commodities take reservations online purchase + sale of the line, as long as the successful appointment tourists can guarantee to buy more than three commodities, each can be purchased at most two.

Surging News () reporter noted that many users reflect the social stage, they established early evening December 12 alarm clock, waiting for an appointment and keep channels open in front of the screen, but to the channel scheduled opening time, many people find that booking page displaying white screen can not be opened until the brush to open a page that shows all appointments full.

This makes a lot of tourists and fans disappointed.

At the same time, the evening began to sell second-hand units on purchasing new links of related products, there are many consumers out of High Lead Ling Nuobei children related products. Fans "fryer", and all sorts of doubts, the Disney and Ling Nabei children were sent to hot search. Some people question this is a Shanghai Disneyland deliberately "hunger marketing" strategy, while others complain that the use of plug-in software is to seize the cattle due.

"Ling Nabei child appointment" hot search on.

Microblogging screenshots December 13, surging News () reporter linked to the Shanghai Disney Resort for information.

Shanghai Disney said it will not make any "hunger marketing", the current shortage of supply is the cause production bottlenecks under the influence of factors such as the huge demand and the epidemic in the short term.

Shanghai Disneyland, said before the first replenishment December 12, the communication with the relevant government departments, carefully develop and optimize the sale of programs aimed at the prevention and control of epidemic in line with guidance, but also to follow the public, prudence principle to provide the opportunity for visitors to purchase.

As for December 12 in the evening Why not open a reservation channel brush, reporters learned that, after an appointment to open the evening, a huge amount of instantaneous access channel reservation, the reservation page was once a short shield, causing many visitors access interface continues to appear black and white, etc. situation.

Shanghai Disney said its reservation system itself without interruption, from 20:00 normal day to accept an appointment, an appointment that night has completed all places.

Visitors successful appointment, make a purchase offline will be confirmed at the time of appointment date and time period of the purchase process.

December 12 evening, Shanghai Disney Resort was in the "Friends of Tamiflu you" microblogging account issued a document to make the above explanation, but most users do not buy it or comment.

"Duffy Friends of you" section under microblogging User comments expressing dissatisfaction. Screenshot comment was questioned microblogging "cattle ahead of the link directly into the fill information about full I have no access number from the public entrance", it was asked, "Do you ask what normal tourists on the reservation?" "an ample supply of goods can solve all conflicts, but you refused to ……" this time, the Shanghai Disney Resort except to express regret, once again stressed that the efforts to increase the replenishment Ling Nuobei child-related products. "For the first time, a limited number of replenishment, and could not meet the purchasing needs of most tourists and fans, we apologize.

"Shanghai Disney Resort, said as one of the conventional models of goods, conventional models Ling Nuobei children plush toys will gradually continue to replenishment," There have been increasing the number of replenishment, so that more tourists to buy favorite products as soon as possible. " .

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