Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

  "We are planting Codonopsis historic temple Village, is known for the cultivation of professional village Lu Codonopsis." "You see, my height is 5’11 dangshen this strain is even higher than I mile!" "Lion’s Head, Feng Wei, daisy heart, all feature in this strain Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis who are perfectly presented itself. "…… November 6, Pingshun first Lu Codonopsis cultural Festival grand opening, companies from the county, cooperatives, grower who have" light "from home" baby ", showcasing, competing for selection.

  Ride the highest elevation of 1876 meters, the lowest 380 meters, more than 97% of all mountains and hills, diverse microclimate, Lu Codonopsis is authentic origin, smooth Lu Codonopsis "lion’s head Pteris chrysanthemum heart", with deficiency of spleen Yifei effect, is dangshen in the top grade. "How the resource advantages into economic advantages, we have done what the article, under the foot work." Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Pingshun Bureau, said Wang Teng, follow the "Guanghui is the gold and silver mines," the scientific concept of development, the smooth aiming at the development of the eyes to Lu Codonopsis as the representative of traditional Chinese medicine industry. To promote the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, smooth county government support policies to encourage and support bases of Chinese herbal medicines, drugs explored a grain intercropping, forest medicine intercropping, forest, wild upbringing, such as planting mode, and built a multi-species test, imitation wild, green prevention and control demonstration, production and integration of village development 10 Lu Codonopsis base, the county planted area of Chinese herbal medicines and wild tending hectares, of which Lu Codonopsis standardized planting base of 20000 acres, 10000 acres of planting base imitation of wild .

  August 2011 Lu Codonopsis is registered as a national geographical indications of agricultural products, 2020 April 16 approved the construction of the country’s only Lu Codonopsis situ conservation area, 2020 April 27 smooth medicines included in the national industrial park of modern agricultural industrial park create a list. The Lu Codonopsis Cultural Festival "authentic, quality, brand" as the goal, to "promote the development of high-quality Lu Codonopsis industry" as the theme, the opening ceremony, "Lu Codonopsis King" Talent Competition, Peasant Games, food and drink contest , composed of expert forums and other activities, demonstrating Lu Codonopsis industrial development achievements and prospects. In dangshen product exhibition, dangshen leading enterprises, new agricultural business entities, cooperatives are competing on behalf of "selling crying."

Codonopsis sheet, Codonopsis tea, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis powder processed products, as well as oral Codonopsis, Lu Codonopsis granules, granules Codonopsis Lu, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis lozenge containing ingredients of pharmaceutical products, dazzling, numerous. "Single planting, extensive processing has failed to meet the market demand, our company can do is to extend the industrial chain, enhance the added value of dangshen, the smooth Lu Codonopsis brand bigger and stronger." Health Co., Ltd. Shanxi Zhendong, chairman Hu Lifeng said.

  Currently, smooth Lu Codonopsis industry has formed a "large-scale cultivation, the order of acquisition, storage and modern, diversified processing, electricity supplier marketing, development of agricultural brigade," the whole industry chain development pattern, driven more than 8,000 households with an average annual income 6500 yuan . This year, ride around the county government reinforce the "three basic" to promote the "four development" ideas, focusing "medicines" agriculture "four brand" and continue to dig deep Lu Codonopsis medicinal, edible, cultural values, continuous bigger, stronger, so gifted Lu Codonopsis industry a boost, second, third, integration and development, further polish "smooth Lu Codonopsis," the gold standard GuoZiHao, writing a new chapter in the development of high-quality smooth holistic approach. Conviction Li Chao (Editor: Li Lin).