The plot of the patterns are fascinated by the blurred sweet pockets, "I’m going to"

The plot of the patterns are fascinated by the blurred sweet pockets, "I’m going to"

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page ■ Reporter Jiang Fang "Overbearing President, Falling Cinderella", is a usual drama in the world.

Recently, a Shanghai "Cinderella" is full of overseas. The Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, who was persecuted by the stepmother, Qian Jin Mu Qingqing, how to intensify with Tan Jiajun Shao Shuai Tan Yulin? In the 1920s, Shanghai’s sweet pet "first see" first broadcast on the same day, Chinese, English, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, etc., and set the first 24-hour data first, the first episode of Youku drama episodes. The playback volume has exceeded 100 million overseas video sites. On the shake, "first see" harvest more than 40,000 + more than 40,000 yuan, and many times to board the popular drama list; the domestic hot broadcast will go overseas, there are foreign audience chasing and homemade posters Materials, also eager to "ask for updates".

In the domestic network, the play is a short half. "Yue Yue is swept enough", many drama fans are dicholic in the emotional interaction of the male and female lead; "The foundation distortion, the filter is too heavy, the plot lacks a realistic logic", and there is also a higher expectation of the episode quality, pointed out Insufficient works.

Praise is also controversial, "out of the first", how to go out, how to go overseas, better to tell Chinese stories. In the background of chaos in the world, non-typical "Cinderella" domineering "Out" from the development of the plot, the story of "first see" is placed in Shanghai in the 1920s warlords. Zhang Wei, who played Mu Qingqing, integrity, smart, she returned from Japan in order to be buried, I want to go back to Master to find the reason for the death of the priest, and I have to hover for the stepmother, the stepmother of the mother.

Chen Xingxu played the male protagonist Tan Yulin thick black, suspicious and ignorant, in order to steady his heel in Shanghai, he seriously switched between multi-party interests.

It seems that the old set of "overbearing president" and "Cinderella", the plot "is tend to" modern fashion style "- the loss of thousands of gold does not need to passively waiting for the" prince "to save, but take the initiative to join for your friends." Wild Soviet "Leishabo, with a revenge to take the beach.

  The male and female protagonist helped each other in the secondary crisis, and the insidious insurance is the sound of "first seeing" and also witnessed their hearts to each other.

The 18th episode is over half, from the "good night" on the window, the female is drunk, and the sneakfall is swayed. The scholastic scholars and other sweet fragments, the play and fermentation of platforms such as Weibo, let The audience who likes "sugar" can’t stop. It is worth mentioning that "first see" first broadcast on the day, other language versions are simultaneously online. With the "sea" of the episode, the products also link overseas fans to participate in the homemade posters, translated dramatic names.

So, there is a Korean version of "now, Zheng and Chief Love in Love", Japan Version "Shanghai Temperature: Beautiful Children’s First Love", Thailand Edition, "The Fighting of the Female", Vietnam "Jiao wife, you escape Can’t fall ", the Indian version of" Wave Love ", Spanish version of" chaos chase love "… This is not only playing out the national culture to pick up the rigid sewing, but also let the audience at home and abroad feel different cultural contexts, Shanghai" gray The different open mode of the girl. The "sweet pet" filter is blurred, not only the actor’s expression is popular with the drama, but "first seeing" in the sect of the chemical channel and the filter also triggered a lot of criticism.

  There is a drama pointing out that the drama "clothing modeling and architectural style are too contemporary", with the real age.

In the case of the hairstyle of the Male No. 2 Xu Guangyao, he left the slice of the gel fixed to the slice, and he was considered "like a contemporary male idol through the film", which is played.

At the beginning of the drama, the "pale" filter of the whole work is full of illness.

Under the excessive "grinding skin" "beauty" effect, "the face of the protagonist is not different from the big white bun, and it is not clear."

Especially the male protagonist Chen Xingxu’s cross filter, it is smashed, and the netizen frequently challenged "" even is not as good as the piece. "

  As the story is too half, Tan Yulin and Mu Qingqing have evolved from the family to the head.

They gradually see the essence of the anti-moving privilege "only for private interests, there is no family," is about to invest in the torrent of the Revolution. This also makes "first seeing" outside "Sugar", many points of the home country of the intestines. It is unfortunately part of the audience who has been "watching the drama" has waited for the plot to carry out, and the filter "persuasion" started by the episode. In the beginning of the group, "first seeing" main creation hopes to build a romantic, blood and home, and write an era of blood youth. The vision is beautiful, can be seen from the current actual broadcast effect, "sweet pet" filter is not only an actor expression, but also the high-far pattern that the drama is trying to show.