Sichuan 96 play "old hands" in Guang’an

Sichuan 96 play "old hands" in Guang’an

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Liu Yuri, Wang Lin photo, September 27, September 27, this morning, hosted by Sichuan Sichuan Sports Association, Guang’an City Education and Sports Bureau, Guang’an Sports Association, Sichuan Semi-Sports Association, Sichuan Sports Association Chess and Competitive The Mahjong Project Committee has undertaken in Guang’an City in Guang’an City. It is understood that the competition brings together 18 participating teams in the province, 96 old play enthusiasts, including women’s professional four sections, "Yellow River Cup" champion, Leshan chess king represents the highest competitive level of Sichuan elderly play Entries.

The competition is divided into groups, personal projects, and the points will be taken, and the players will carry out 9 rounds in the 5-day game, and the old will be treated, and they share the game.

At 9:40 am, as the competition is officially blown, the players change the gesture, seriously serious, the sound of the chess pieces is constantly sounding, and the competition gradually tends to be hot. "High competitive level, good game venue, can participate in this competition is very honored." Leshan chess Wang Wang, the first battle, this competition is ready to come, the goal is to win, defend the honor for Leshan Go.

"Very addicted, look forward to the next chapter!" In the day, the most eye-catching is from Guang’an Amateur 5, Li Xiaohui and Chengdu Amateur 6 Section of the Silk Division.

After 2 hours of war, He Si Xiang wins.

"This game has a good head. After the next, we must sum up, carefully prepare the next game, and enjoy the game, but also visit Guang’an.

"He Si Xixiang said that Guang’an’s sports atmosphere is very strong, the city is beautiful, come here, the mood, the mentality is very relaxed. In recent years, Guang’an has strong support, actively promoting the healthy development of the elderly sports, and built a variety of senior sports organizations nearly 3000 Open more than 7,000 old sports venues, nearly 500,000 people over the age of 60,000 in the city, nearly 500,000 people participated in sports fitness activities. Guang’an District is created as "the township of the national old air volleyball", Yuechi County creation For the "National Elderly", Guang’an’s gas bar, badminton, soft ball, Taijiquan and other elderly sports projects are in Sichuan Province leading levels. (Liu Yuran, Wang Lin) (Editor: Yuan Yu, Gao Hongxia) Share more People see it.