Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

  Xu Yanhe Zhou Xiaolong lives in Ba’an Community, Yibei Town, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and the accounts jointly operated with 3 million fans on the short video platform, which is a "net red" couple in the countryside.

This is from the countryside, and it has also been working in many cities. In leisure, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong like to shoot some short video records, and gradually attracted some fans. After some attempt, the couple kept realized that the video content of the rural theme is particularly popular, and there is a market prospect. This will live toward the garden and decided to return to the countryside and concentrate on the creation of short video content. After returning to the country, the hardworking little couple is busy.

They raise chicken geese, fishing crayfish, dig wild vegetables, making all kinds of food, often in video sweet interaction. They have been present in the video, and they are welcomed by netizens.

Xu Yan said: "Shooting video is to record life, only you have to have fun, you can send a happy time to others." For the future, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong confidence are full.

At the end of June, their baby is about to birth, Xu Yan intends to use video to record children’s growth. Zhou Xiaolong also planned a special product processing plant, acquired a special product processing for the sausage, bacon, honey and other specialty products sold, and sells more people to get rich through the short video platform. "Now the entrepreneurial environment and living environment of rural areas are getting better and better, we are willing to stay.

Zhou Xiaolong said.

  Photography: Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin: Xinhua Net Jiang Yan.