Sea comment: "Holding a Family Family", American Democracy "Bloody Photo"

Sea comment: "Holding a Family Family", American Democracy "Bloody Photo"

The Republic of Kentucky, the Republican Republican Republic of Kentucky, Thomas Massi released a Christmas family, which was in the social media on December 5, and immediately enacted a strong criticism of a large number of netizens. In the photo of Maxi, everyone is holding a firearm, and even his oldest daughter, from the mini Uz submachine gun to M60 machine gun, a family smile.

This photo is: "Merry Christmas! Note, Santa, please bring some ammunition." Before this photo released 4 days, US Michigan took a campus shooting case, causing four Dead seven injuries. The murderer was only 15 years old. According to the American Cable TV Network (CNN) news, the firearms he held was bought in "Black Friday", "as Christmas gift."

Massi selection this time node released "Holding Family Family", so US netizens are particularly angry.

In Masi, the victim family of a gun violent case also released two "family photos" – a scene of the flower season girl embraced the puppy is full of smile; one is her cold Tombstone, she killed the campus shooting in 2018.

The anger of this victim’s family is self-evident: "The shooter of the Michigan school, he and his family also like to shoot this photo.

"Netizens gatheps:" Why do you swing like a terrorist? "" In the past, Members of Congress mean that there must be integrity and sympathy, now just see who can make the bottom line lower every week! "All the problems existing in the United States are in this photo. "There is also netizens asked:" When did they love their children to win their own guns? "But this problem is difficult to answer with the situation of the US guns.

The National Shooting Foundation (NSSF) data shows that in 2020, US civilians have approximately 100 million guns. According to the data of the "small weapon analysis and forecast", the United States sold 2.2.8 million guns in the United States in 2020, and the historical high.

The deterrence of gun violence is even more shocking. According to the US "Gun Violence Archives" (GVA) real-time data, as of December 6, the local time, due to the number of firearms violent incidents, the number of firearms violent incidents reached 19,221 people Among them, 1,411 years of ages have been broken through the record of 1378 in 2020.

Strict control can reduce the shooting, this truth, but the American democratic partial is not good. The US Democratic Party, the Republican Party will fight against control guns all the year round, but further aggravate social tear. There are foreign netizens to ask questions about the US netizens under related news: "Do you live in such a crazy?" Many people replied: "Unfortunately, it is true." Planning, review / Niu Ning Mao Li Wen case / He Wei anchor / Lu Ningyuan, Operation / Lu Ning Yuan Qian: Wu Zhengdan, Lu Ningyuan.