The party general branch of Xining Chengtong Company held a special meeting of party style and clean government construction in the first half of the year.

The party general branch of Xining Chengtong Company held a special meeting of party style and clean government construction in the first half of the year.

On the afternoon of July 16, Xining Chengtong Traffic Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Party General Administration held a special meeting of party style and clean government construction in the first half of the year, with a total of 56 people. The meeting pointed out that the staff of all party members should improve the political station to accurately grasp the comprehensive strict treatment of the party’s new connotation, strictly fulfill the "one post and double responsibility", which requires both business work, and should do the style of thinking and do not loans. The party work, strive to form a good political ecology in the company to form a wind and purification, and universities, to strengthen the performance of the performance, pay close attention to the "two responsibility" to implement, and use serious discipline to achieve "not dare" While improving the system, it is necessary to pay more attention to the two resources from education, and use the frontal typical and reverse warning to promote the "do not want" consciousness, integrating "three no" superimposed effects; , Fully promote the steady development of various work, strengthen the management of cadres, with the courage to self-revolution in the blade, and resolutely prevent "black"; to effectively change the style, constantly strengthen the party style and clean government, improve the performance, Let the style of building "strong". As a meeting, the majority of party members and cadres workers, from the ideology, actively adapt to the party style and clean government building new normal; learn from analysis, due to the analysis of the fear of the fear; the recipient is still good, the force is a loyal performance, and the party members are active Cadres, all participants have been deeply educated and inspired, providing an important idea and strong guidance for cohesiveness and integrity construction and anti-corruption work.

The second is to warn yourself through a case of serious violation of the laws and discipline of the discipline of the discipline, The leaders of these party members are driven by the interests. They cannot achieve the right to use public rights, integrity rights and rights according to law. They also break their own future, and they also affect family happiness. From the subjective factor, the one is that the belief is shaking, the second is the imbalance of the mentality, the third is to swell; from the objective factor, one is not solid, the second is not in place, the third is that the system is not perfect.

The meeting requested that each party member cadre firmly implemented comprehensive from the strict party, after the punishment, the alarm bell Changming, further building the integrity of the party members and cadres, the bottom line, knowing the fear, and helping the company system to persist from severely governing the party, From Yan Zhi Enterprise, promote the company’s party style and clean government construction in high quality development with excellent work style. (Source: Xining Chengtong Traffic Construction Investment Co., Ltd.) (Editor: Yang Qihong, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Scene randomly tested test learning results

Scene randomly tested test learning results

"Why is theory of the United States" "Interpretation of the party loyal to the party" "people are not returned to Qingshan, Qingshan is not negative" … On June 3, the central and state organs learned Xi Jinping new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking At the Experience Exchange, the statement on behalf of the young student models caused the applause.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Party, the departments of the central and state organs have adhere to the study and implementation of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping as the primary political task, and focus on doing a good job in the theoretical armed forces, and in depth, in depth, the youth theory learning improvement project, and generally set up young people. Theoretical Study Group, a group of young learning models that have been invested by a batch of diplomas, and believe in a letter. At the communication meeting, the Central Committee and the State Administrative Committee have come to 122 advanced individuals who have won the title of "Central and State Organs Youth Learning Model".

The youth learning model from 11 departments combined with their own work reality, shared the harvest and experience of learning Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking: Wu Tianyu, the National Supervision Office of the Central Commission, shared the General Secretary of Xi Jinping on "Two Great Revolution" "Important discussion on the important revelation of the renovation of contemporary youth; the Central Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Central Office will learn the text, understand the feelings, the scope of the picture, and the general secretary of Xi Jinping is a Chinese people to seek the mission of the Chinese nation. Feelings; Liu Haoyang, a Central Organization Department, a bureau, regards Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics as a spiritual belief, interpreting the party loyalty in deep education; China Propaganda Department Policy and Regulations Research Office Yao Bing is in Dry Middle School, in learning Dry, formed a theoretical method of "diligence, strong use, deep, and power"; the basic education of the Ministry of Education said, from the perspective of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, is historically solved. "Poverty Family Population Problem" and the earth-overning change in the underlying education cause; Liu Yue, the Ecological Environment Department Political Research Center, told the "reading and writing of the" reading and writing "activities through the Youth Theory Study Group, studying the harvest of the ecological civilization thinking; the Ministry of Commerce Ma Xiaoying, International Economic Cooperation Affairs, has further deepened the understanding of the "Egg Road" such as Madagasa Mazaza Town, further deepening the understanding of the constructing human fate community; He Jia, the International Cooperation of Customs, said that the total is close to the total The secretary "going to do it immediately, real-drying", coordinating the rapid clearance of massive epidemic prevention materials, and the story of dozens of countries close to the anti-vloise cooperation; Xinhua News Agency Zhu Ji combined with nearly 20 reports Xi Jinping General Secretary Domestic Expedition The experience of the general secretary of the close-up of the physical evidence is the mission of the "People is Jiangshan"; the National Defense Technology Bureau Comprehensive Si Qinjian introduced the young theory study team to promote the national core technological innovation and development of the truth of the truth. And practice great. The General Assembly not only gives a commendation, but also puts a test: randomly taking the answer, and inspecting whether the 122 youth learning models have achieved results. The Youth Studies of the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) participated in the series of interviews that reflect General Secretary Xi Jinping’s growth process. When she shared the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the host of the people’s touching story, the host thrown Question: "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes that we must learn from the people, learn from the people, put down the shelf, fall down the body, ground the gas, pass the situation, please talk about your understanding of your own growth experience? You have a 3 minute answer time.

"Below, we will randomly take some learning of the self-study questions, please operate the computer.

"The host is just the voice, the atmosphere is nervous, more than 400 venues, and the screen is staring at the big screen of the venue:" Central Policy Wen Shifang "" Huang Hui, the National Development and Reform Commission "… 122 young studies The names and units randomly roll quickly on the screen. As the host "stop", the scroll screen will stop in the "Central Political Legal Committee Yang Dongliang".

The watch of the venue suddenly brushed into Yang Dongliang, which was standing from the front. "I used to worked as a Western volunteer in Tibet, the people’s procuratorate for assistance in Tibet. The hard struggle in the grassroots rule of law has inspired me …" Combined with your own experience, everyone heard, live Applause.

"Please talk about your work on your own work." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " . "This kind of communication form is novel, lively, 3 hours, still feeling that it is still unfinished.

"Many participates in the youth, the theme spoke and on-site question and answer, reflecting the significant results of the central and state organs in the understanding of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of internship.

At the youth, he said that he must be an example with the youth learning model, and will learn theoretical learning as a life-threatening course, consciously active, timely follow the students, contact the actual law, and learn the firm belief in the socialist thinking of China’s characteristics. And loyal practitioners.

Sea comment: "Holding a Family Family", American Democracy "Bloody Photo"

Sea comment: "Holding a Family Family", American Democracy "Bloody Photo"

The Republic of Kentucky, the Republican Republican Republic of Kentucky, Thomas Massi released a Christmas family, which was in the social media on December 5, and immediately enacted a strong criticism of a large number of netizens. In the photo of Maxi, everyone is holding a firearm, and even his oldest daughter, from the mini Uz submachine gun to M60 machine gun, a family smile.

This photo is: "Merry Christmas! Note, Santa, please bring some ammunition." Before this photo released 4 days, US Michigan took a campus shooting case, causing four Dead seven injuries. The murderer was only 15 years old. According to the American Cable TV Network (CNN) news, the firearms he held was bought in "Black Friday", "as Christmas gift."

Massi selection this time node released "Holding Family Family", so US netizens are particularly angry.

In Masi, the victim family of a gun violent case also released two "family photos" – a scene of the flower season girl embraced the puppy is full of smile; one is her cold Tombstone, she killed the campus shooting in 2018.

The anger of this victim’s family is self-evident: "The shooter of the Michigan school, he and his family also like to shoot this photo.

"Netizens gatheps:" Why do you swing like a terrorist? "" In the past, Members of Congress mean that there must be integrity and sympathy, now just see who can make the bottom line lower every week! "All the problems existing in the United States are in this photo. "There is also netizens asked:" When did they love their children to win their own guns? "But this problem is difficult to answer with the situation of the US guns.

The National Shooting Foundation (NSSF) data shows that in 2020, US civilians have approximately 100 million guns. According to the data of the "small weapon analysis and forecast", the United States sold 2.2.8 million guns in the United States in 2020, and the historical high.

The deterrence of gun violence is even more shocking. According to the US "Gun Violence Archives" (GVA) real-time data, as of December 6, the local time, due to the number of firearms violent incidents, the number of firearms violent incidents reached 19,221 people Among them, 1,411 years of ages have been broken through the record of 1378 in 2020.

Strict control can reduce the shooting, this truth, but the American democratic partial is not good. The US Democratic Party, the Republican Party will fight against control guns all the year round, but further aggravate social tear. There are foreign netizens to ask questions about the US netizens under related news: "Do you live in such a crazy?" Many people replied: "Unfortunately, it is true." Planning, review / Niu Ning Mao Li Wen case / He Wei anchor / Lu Ningyuan, Operation / Lu Ning Yuan Qian: Wu Zhengdan, Lu Ningyuan.

Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

  Xu Yanhe Zhou Xiaolong lives in Ba’an Community, Yibei Town, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and the accounts jointly operated with 3 million fans on the short video platform, which is a "net red" couple in the countryside.

This is from the countryside, and it has also been working in many cities. In leisure, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong like to shoot some short video records, and gradually attracted some fans. After some attempt, the couple kept realized that the video content of the rural theme is particularly popular, and there is a market prospect. This will live toward the garden and decided to return to the countryside and concentrate on the creation of short video content. After returning to the country, the hardworking little couple is busy.

They raise chicken geese, fishing crayfish, dig wild vegetables, making all kinds of food, often in video sweet interaction. They have been present in the video, and they are welcomed by netizens.

Xu Yan said: "Shooting video is to record life, only you have to have fun, you can send a happy time to others." For the future, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong confidence are full.

At the end of June, their baby is about to birth, Xu Yan intends to use video to record children’s growth. Zhou Xiaolong also planned a special product processing plant, acquired a special product processing for the sausage, bacon, honey and other specialty products sold, and sells more people to get rich through the short video platform. "Now the entrepreneurial environment and living environment of rural areas are getting better and better, we are willing to stay.

Zhou Xiaolong said.

  Photography: Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin: Xinhua Net Jiang Yan.

Realization "Vegetable Freedom" Shaanxi Province vegetable prices fell for 3 consecutive weeks

Realization "Vegetable Freedom" Shaanxi Province vegetable prices fell for 3 consecutive weeks

On November 16, the reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the price of vegetables in Shaanxi Province fell for 3 consecutive weeks, and the price of eggs was low. The price of pork is narrowed … Among them, the main cause of pork prices rebounded is consumption.

The price of vegetables and vegetables declines the price monitoring of vegetable market. The average price of 23 vegetable markets in our province is a $ 500 gram, downstorthor than November 9, and falling for 3 consecutive weeks.

The varieties have risen, and the seven prices in 23 kinds of vegetables have risen, and 13 prices have fallen, and three prices are flat. In the prices of leaf, cabbage and leeks prices have risen slightly in November 9th, and the average retail price of spinach is 500 grams per 500 grams, which has fallen by November 9.

The price of root vegetables such as potatoes, white radishes and carrots decreased compared with November 9. In the stem, the price of green onions has risen slightly. The price such as celery, lotus and lettuce decline. Round eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, winter melon, bean corners, etc.

The average retail price of the province of Yellow bean sprout is a dollar per 500 grams, which is flat than November 9.

The average retail price of the old tofu is 500 grams per 500 grams, and it is more than November 9.

The average retail price of mushrooms is 500 grams per 500 grams, which is more than November 9. Compared with November 9th, pork prices, the price of cows, lamb, and pork prices have narrowed. The main reason for this round of pork prices is consumption, and the market supply is relatively loose. . Aquatic products have dropped. The average retail price of the grassfish (live fish) is a dollar per 500 grams, down by November 9.

Squid (live fish) The average retail price of the province is a yuan per 500 grams, down by November 9. Clean meat, pork price is narrowed. Pork (hind leg meat) The average retail price of the province is a dollar per 500 grams, which is more than November 9. Clean meat (peeled bone) The average retail price of the province is a dollar per 500 grams, rising than November 9. The price of beef and lambes fall. Beef (bone) The average retail price of beef () is a dollar per 500 grams, down by November 9.

Mutton (bone) The average retail price of the province is 500 grams of yuan, down by November 9. Compared with November 9th, the egg price fluctuation is slightly rising, and the average retail price of flour (special powder) is 500 grams per 500 grams, which is more than November 9. Rice (glutinous rice) The average retail price of rice (glutinous rice) is a yuan per 500 grams, which is more than November 9.

Peanut oil (first-class barrel) The average retail price of the province is 5 liters per 5 liters, which is more than November 9. Milk is stable, and the average retail price of salt (containing iodide) has a average retail price per 350 grams of dollars, down by November 9.

The price of egg declines slightly.

Chicken (white chicken) The average retail price per 500 grams of the province is a dollar, down by November 9.

Eggs (local sales) The average retail price of the province is a dollar per 500 grams, down by November 9. Reporter Gaole.

Sichuan 96 play "old hands" in Guang’an

Sichuan 96 play "old hands" in Guang’an

The game site.

Liu Yuri, Wang Lin photo, September 27, September 27, this morning, hosted by Sichuan Sichuan Sports Association, Guang’an City Education and Sports Bureau, Guang’an Sports Association, Sichuan Semi-Sports Association, Sichuan Sports Association Chess and Competitive The Mahjong Project Committee has undertaken in Guang’an City in Guang’an City. It is understood that the competition brings together 18 participating teams in the province, 96 old play enthusiasts, including women’s professional four sections, "Yellow River Cup" champion, Leshan chess king represents the highest competitive level of Sichuan elderly play Entries.

The competition is divided into groups, personal projects, and the points will be taken, and the players will carry out 9 rounds in the 5-day game, and the old will be treated, and they share the game.

At 9:40 am, as the competition is officially blown, the players change the gesture, seriously serious, the sound of the chess pieces is constantly sounding, and the competition gradually tends to be hot. "High competitive level, good game venue, can participate in this competition is very honored." Leshan chess Wang Wang, the first battle, this competition is ready to come, the goal is to win, defend the honor for Leshan Go.

"Very addicted, look forward to the next chapter!" In the day, the most eye-catching is from Guang’an Amateur 5, Li Xiaohui and Chengdu Amateur 6 Section of the Silk Division.

After 2 hours of war, He Si Xiang wins.

"This game has a good head. After the next, we must sum up, carefully prepare the next game, and enjoy the game, but also visit Guang’an.

"He Si Xixiang said that Guang’an’s sports atmosphere is very strong, the city is beautiful, come here, the mood, the mentality is very relaxed. In recent years, Guang’an has strong support, actively promoting the healthy development of the elderly sports, and built a variety of senior sports organizations nearly 3000 Open more than 7,000 old sports venues, nearly 500,000 people over the age of 60,000 in the city, nearly 500,000 people participated in sports fitness activities. Guang’an District is created as "the township of the national old air volleyball", Yuechi County creation For the "National Elderly", Guang’an’s gas bar, badminton, soft ball, Taijiquan and other elderly sports projects are in Sichuan Province leading levels. (Liu Yuran, Wang Lin) (Editor: Yuan Yu, Gao Hongxia) Share more People see it.

The plot of the patterns are fascinated by the blurred sweet pockets, "I’m going to"

The plot of the patterns are fascinated by the blurred sweet pockets, "I’m going to"

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page ■ Reporter Jiang Fang "Overbearing President, Falling Cinderella", is a usual drama in the world.

Recently, a Shanghai "Cinderella" is full of overseas. The Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, who was persecuted by the stepmother, Qian Jin Mu Qingqing, how to intensify with Tan Jiajun Shao Shuai Tan Yulin? In the 1920s, Shanghai’s sweet pet "first see" first broadcast on the same day, Chinese, English, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, etc., and set the first 24-hour data first, the first episode of Youku drama episodes. The playback volume has exceeded 100 million overseas video sites. On the shake, "first see" harvest more than 40,000 + more than 40,000 yuan, and many times to board the popular drama list; the domestic hot broadcast will go overseas, there are foreign audience chasing and homemade posters Materials, also eager to "ask for updates".

In the domestic network, the play is a short half. "Yue Yue is swept enough", many drama fans are dicholic in the emotional interaction of the male and female lead; "The foundation distortion, the filter is too heavy, the plot lacks a realistic logic", and there is also a higher expectation of the episode quality, pointed out Insufficient works.

Praise is also controversial, "out of the first", how to go out, how to go overseas, better to tell Chinese stories. In the background of chaos in the world, non-typical "Cinderella" domineering "Out" from the development of the plot, the story of "first see" is placed in Shanghai in the 1920s warlords. Zhang Wei, who played Mu Qingqing, integrity, smart, she returned from Japan in order to be buried, I want to go back to Master to find the reason for the death of the priest, and I have to hover for the stepmother, the stepmother of the mother.

Chen Xingxu played the male protagonist Tan Yulin thick black, suspicious and ignorant, in order to steady his heel in Shanghai, he seriously switched between multi-party interests.

It seems that the old set of "overbearing president" and "Cinderella", the plot "is tend to" modern fashion style "- the loss of thousands of gold does not need to passively waiting for the" prince "to save, but take the initiative to join for your friends." Wild Soviet "Leishabo, with a revenge to take the beach.

  The male and female protagonist helped each other in the secondary crisis, and the insidious insurance is the sound of "first seeing" and also witnessed their hearts to each other.

The 18th episode is over half, from the "good night" on the window, the female is drunk, and the sneakfall is swayed. The scholastic scholars and other sweet fragments, the play and fermentation of platforms such as Weibo, let The audience who likes "sugar" can’t stop. It is worth mentioning that "first see" first broadcast on the day, other language versions are simultaneously online. With the "sea" of the episode, the products also link overseas fans to participate in the homemade posters, translated dramatic names.

So, there is a Korean version of "now, Zheng and Chief Love in Love", Japan Version "Shanghai Temperature: Beautiful Children’s First Love", Thailand Edition, "The Fighting of the Female", Vietnam "Jiao wife, you escape Can’t fall ", the Indian version of" Wave Love ", Spanish version of" chaos chase love "… This is not only playing out the national culture to pick up the rigid sewing, but also let the audience at home and abroad feel different cultural contexts, Shanghai" gray The different open mode of the girl. The "sweet pet" filter is blurred, not only the actor’s expression is popular with the drama, but "first seeing" in the sect of the chemical channel and the filter also triggered a lot of criticism.

  There is a drama pointing out that the drama "clothing modeling and architectural style are too contemporary", with the real age.

In the case of the hairstyle of the Male No. 2 Xu Guangyao, he left the slice of the gel fixed to the slice, and he was considered "like a contemporary male idol through the film", which is played.

At the beginning of the drama, the "pale" filter of the whole work is full of illness.

Under the excessive "grinding skin" "beauty" effect, "the face of the protagonist is not different from the big white bun, and it is not clear."

Especially the male protagonist Chen Xingxu’s cross filter, it is smashed, and the netizen frequently challenged "" even is not as good as the piece. "

  As the story is too half, Tan Yulin and Mu Qingqing have evolved from the family to the head.

They gradually see the essence of the anti-moving privilege "only for private interests, there is no family," is about to invest in the torrent of the Revolution. This also makes "first seeing" outside "Sugar", many points of the home country of the intestines. It is unfortunately part of the audience who has been "watching the drama" has waited for the plot to carry out, and the filter "persuasion" started by the episode. In the beginning of the group, "first seeing" main creation hopes to build a romantic, blood and home, and write an era of blood youth. The vision is beautiful, can be seen from the current actual broadcast effect, "sweet pet" filter is not only an actor expression, but also the high-far pattern that the drama is trying to show.

Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

  "We are planting Codonopsis historic temple Village, is known for the cultivation of professional village Lu Codonopsis." "You see, my height is 5’11 dangshen this strain is even higher than I mile!" "Lion’s Head, Feng Wei, daisy heart, all feature in this strain Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis who are perfectly presented itself. "…… November 6, Pingshun first Lu Codonopsis cultural Festival grand opening, companies from the county, cooperatives, grower who have" light "from home" baby ", showcasing, competing for selection.

  Ride the highest elevation of 1876 meters, the lowest 380 meters, more than 97% of all mountains and hills, diverse microclimate, Lu Codonopsis is authentic origin, smooth Lu Codonopsis "lion’s head Pteris chrysanthemum heart", with deficiency of spleen Yifei effect, is dangshen in the top grade. "How the resource advantages into economic advantages, we have done what the article, under the foot work." Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Pingshun Bureau, said Wang Teng, follow the "Guanghui is the gold and silver mines," the scientific concept of development, the smooth aiming at the development of the eyes to Lu Codonopsis as the representative of traditional Chinese medicine industry. To promote the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, smooth county government support policies to encourage and support bases of Chinese herbal medicines, drugs explored a grain intercropping, forest medicine intercropping, forest, wild upbringing, such as planting mode, and built a multi-species test, imitation wild, green prevention and control demonstration, production and integration of village development 10 Lu Codonopsis base, the county planted area of Chinese herbal medicines and wild tending hectares, of which Lu Codonopsis standardized planting base of 20000 acres, 10000 acres of planting base imitation of wild .

  August 2011 Lu Codonopsis is registered as a national geographical indications of agricultural products, 2020 April 16 approved the construction of the country’s only Lu Codonopsis situ conservation area, 2020 April 27 smooth medicines included in the national industrial park of modern agricultural industrial park create a list. The Lu Codonopsis Cultural Festival "authentic, quality, brand" as the goal, to "promote the development of high-quality Lu Codonopsis industry" as the theme, the opening ceremony, "Lu Codonopsis King" Talent Competition, Peasant Games, food and drink contest , composed of expert forums and other activities, demonstrating Lu Codonopsis industrial development achievements and prospects. In dangshen product exhibition, dangshen leading enterprises, new agricultural business entities, cooperatives are competing on behalf of "selling crying."

Codonopsis sheet, Codonopsis tea, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis powder processed products, as well as oral Codonopsis, Lu Codonopsis granules, granules Codonopsis Lu, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis lozenge containing ingredients of pharmaceutical products, dazzling, numerous. "Single planting, extensive processing has failed to meet the market demand, our company can do is to extend the industrial chain, enhance the added value of dangshen, the smooth Lu Codonopsis brand bigger and stronger." Health Co., Ltd. Shanxi Zhendong, chairman Hu Lifeng said.

  Currently, smooth Lu Codonopsis industry has formed a "large-scale cultivation, the order of acquisition, storage and modern, diversified processing, electricity supplier marketing, development of agricultural brigade," the whole industry chain development pattern, driven more than 8,000 households with an average annual income 6500 yuan . This year, ride around the county government reinforce the "three basic" to promote the "four development" ideas, focusing "medicines" agriculture "four brand" and continue to dig deep Lu Codonopsis medicinal, edible, cultural values, continuous bigger, stronger, so gifted Lu Codonopsis industry a boost, second, third, integration and development, further polish "smooth Lu Codonopsis," the gold standard GuoZiHao, writing a new chapter in the development of high-quality smooth holistic approach. Conviction Li Chao (Editor: Li Lin).

Shanxi Provincial Disease Control Center expert group went to various municipal supervision and guided the prevention of hygiene hygiene

Shanxi Provincial Disease Control Center expert group went to various municipal supervision and guided the prevention of hygiene hygiene

  Original title: The Provincial CDC sent 11 experts to the city to supervise and instructive healthy and epidemic prevention work on October 10, the province’s health system flood season is safe production and disaster health and epidemic prevention work, the Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center will move In accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Sanitation and Entrance and Entrance Committee, there are more than 50 emergency, infectious diseases, diseases, drinking water, food safety, disinfection and other professional staff, form 11 expert group, and went to 11 municipal supervision to guide the disaster prevention and prevention And risk assessment work. According to reports, the Expert Group will urge to guide the surveillance of the affected area to make a good job of resurgence. The risk assessment of post-disaster-related infectious diseases is improved, and the pertinence, effectiveness, sensitivity, safety of infectious diseases in floods have improved, effectively avoid waste of resources.

The expert group will urge the guiding the disaster-stricken area to fully grasp the emergency monitoring of post-disaster drinking water.

Focus on the problem of drinking water safety, concentrated placement, effectively protecting drinking water sources, preventing water pollution caused by domestic garbage, domestic sewage, etc.. The Group of Experts will supervise the guiding the disaster-stricken areas to fully grasp the work of post-disaster medical treatment. The medical institutions at all levels should open medical treatment green channels, go all out, and carefully treat each affected injured, ensuring the safety of the people and health. It is necessary to strictly implement the pre-examination and clinic system, standardize all kinds of infectious disease outpatient operation mechanisms such as the heating clinic, intestinal clinic, and standardize the prevention and control of infection in the hospital. It is necessary to strictly implement the infectious disease epidemic reporting system, and give full freed with the slap induction, and do a good job in the outbreak of the infectious disease epidemic. At the same time, the Expert Group will urge to guide the disaster-stricken region to fully grasp the disaster prevention of disaster-affected, the public epidemic prevention knowledge is popular, and the masses have a good shape, all – round, multi-level publicize the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. (Reporter Qin Yang).

Su Qian, Fuyang: The happy home of farmers

Su Qian, Fuyang: The happy home of farmers

The total investment of 10 million yuan in the new rural community in Liuji Town, Fuyang County, covers an area of more than 120 acres, including 194 sets of new houses.The project adopts the "government leading, regular concretion, government, fiscal supporting", on the basis of "Five-way Eight Ten" supporting facilities, high standard construction style cultural and sports service center and convenience supermarket, supporting agricultural machinery centralized storage pointsPublic facilities such as peasant gardens, as the important rods of farmers as the important rod of rural revitalization, build communities into a happiness home of peasants.

The community is less than 1,000 meters from the town industrial park, and the land is more than 2,000 yuan to develop efficient agriculture. It can provide more than 1,500 jobs, and per capita monthly wages are about 3,500 yuan.

(Reporter Xiao Weiwei trainee reporter Chen Shaoshuai photo).