Shandong Province Dongchangfu District Commission Office read a good "five tactics," preparation assist mechanism to a new level

Shandong Province Dongchangfu District Commission Office read a good "five tactics," preparation assist mechanism to a new level

  Shandong Province Dongchangfu Xi Jinping District Commission Office to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, adhere to the principle of party organization establishment tube, take the initiative to adapt to the new situation and new requirements of the new normal, focused implement the plan, and effectively improve work efficiency, read a good "five tactics," the preparation of the assist mechanism to a new level.

  Focus political rules, "prison" tree thinking the rule of law.

First, effectively improve the political stations. In-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, deepening the party’s theoretical innovation and learning, taking on the overall work with the party’s theory. Regularly held a special meeting on the arrangements for the work of party building, and actively promote the standardization of standardization work of party building, leadership by example and set an example to play a central role in persuading party building, efforts to raise their political consciousness, moral standards, educational attainments and service levels.

Second, further promote the construction of the rule of law. The use of "three will be a lesson," the theme party day, focus on learning day, party members and volunteer services, the study of the issues propaganda "Communist Party of China preparation institution regulations" and interpretation, preparation of management laws and regulations and policy institutions provides a deep understanding of understanding of agency and staffing policy regulations, firmly establish the "rule of law is the preparation of" consciousness, the daily operations and institutions to prepare the construction of the rule of law closely, normalization, "the study of law, understanding, usage," the study results into real capacity and ability to solve practical problems. Focus system security, "excellent" style of work. First, the rules and norms of scientific management.

Combined with the new situation and new tasks, to further strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the Party organization of the preparation, the preparation of management authority and procedures strictly agencies, revising and improving the editorial board of District District Commission Office rules and work rules, sound director’s office, all the work meeting system will wait staff, a good steward of the formation mechanism of using the system. The second is to strengthen supervision and improve the style. Strictly implement the Clean and Honest, uphold and improve the leadership system and working mechanism against corruption, seriously implement the "A Pair of responsibility," the relevant requirements, establish education, supervision, prevention, punishment of four in one of the institutional system. Independent supervision will focus shifted from working eight hours outside supervision to guide cadres and workers to establish noble life sentiment as a preventive measure, self-cultivation, preparation of cadres and institutions to establish pragmatic honest, competent and efficient good image. Focus co-ordinate the preparation of "strong" protection of people’s livelihood.

First, the optimal adjustment of system resources. Based on the preparation of the actual mechanism, focus on economic development, improving people’s livelihood and other key areas, optimizing resource allocation, adjusting the innovative ideas, and strive to break the structural and institutional obstacles. In accordance with the principles of "strictly control the total amount and revitalize the stock, optimizing the structure," the rational allocation of system resources, maximize the benefits of the use of the preparation institution. The second is to protect people’s livelihood needs. Strictly do administrative preparation, career preparation, staff control the total (number of personnel control), such as different types of organizations, personnel management, co-ordinate the use of all types of system resources. Preparation of further regulatory bodies and compiled into a plan to use, with the current focus on tasks, and consider open enrollment (recruits), the deployment of high-level talents, resettlement (army, placement of non-commissioned officers), free education for students (medical students, Agriculture students) and other ed with demand, with the development of annual research compiled into the program, the system resources to tilt the town (street) and education, health, disease control and other fields, and strengthen the protection of people’s livelihood preparation.

  Focus interoperability, "a total of" sharing information resources. First, update the maintenance data. Preparation of real-name system and take full advantage of information systems, institutional reform after the establishment or adjustment mechanism, agencies and institutions for organization name, organization size, preparation of matters under the relationship, the main responsibility, leadership positions, internal organs, such as the preparation of several agencies time to adjust update of change involved in revolutions scribe personnel information, together with adjustments to ensure that data is true and accurate.

Strict implementation of real-name system "Monthly", "Annual Report" and "public institution" to ensure standardized and transparent information.

Second, the coordination of resource sharing.

Improve and perfect the mechanism staffing and funding management coordination mechanism to enhance interoperability and information organization, Human Resources and Social, financial and other sectors of mutual trust, sharing common resources.

Commission Office established an internal coordination mechanism stock room, downsizing matters agency audit processing time, make full use of real-name system management information system, and effectively improve work efficiency, improve service levels. Focus tracking the results, "ruthless" catch implemented. First, improving the organization establishment of monitoring mechanisms. Adhere to problem-oriented, to the supervision and inspection found problems to sort out the summary classification, supervision and inspection of the formation of accounting issues, and inform implementation of the rectification. Strengthen coordination linkage and organization, discipline, Human Resources and Social, financial and auditing departments to increase efforts to deal with the preparation of agency violations of law, refuses to rectification, do not follow the required rectification, the rectification is not in place, according to the law and accountable treatment, while the hook institutions to prepare the implementation of the annual performance appraisal, give full play to the role of supervision and inspection of restraint.

The second is the preparation of reporting regulatory bodies. Seriously implement the "preparation of reporting institutions (for Trial Implementation)" and the relevant institutions to prepare the party regulations, strengthen the preparation of the reporting entity departments (units) party committees (party) institutional responsibilities, clear the contents of the report, the report time, reporting requirements, and strictly implement implement the party’s institutions to prepare guidelines and policies and decisions and arrangements.

Vasteland en Hong Kong en Macao Jeugd Volksfotografie Works Line Awards Ceremonie gehouden in Beijing

Vasteland en Hong Kong en Macao Jeugd Volksfotografie Works Line Awards Ceremonie gehouden in Beijing

Dagelijkse 30 november 30 november van China Song Qingling Foundation, China National Folk Culture and Art Exchange Association (Hong Kong), Macao Foundation gezamenlijk gehost, Beijing Tsinghua University Co-Organizer, Co-service, China Communicatie Universiteit Culturele Industrie Management College en de 2021 " My Folk Album "Hosted by the China toerisme krant – het vasteland en Hong Kong en Macao Youth Folk Photography Workline Awards Ceremony werd op 27 november in Beijing gehouden. De prijsuitreiking nodigt in Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Macau en Taiwan, in de vorm van online uitzending en leraren en studenten om de wolken, uitwisselingsactiviteiten te delen en over de volkscultuur te praten.

Li Zhenqiang, lid van het Administratieve Commissie Macau Foundation, zei dat studenten de gevoelens en de waarde van de Chinese cultuur door de lens door de lens kregen en hebben geleerd.

De studenten die willen deelnemen aan het activiteiten "My Folk Photo Album" hebben nieuwe kennis geoogst en nieuwe vrienden maken en nieuwe visie openen.

Chen Weijia, de eervolle president van de Chinese nationale volkscultuur- en kunstuitwisselingsmaatschappij (Hong Kong), zei dat deze activiteit erg groot is voor deelnemende studenten, maar niet alleen het begrip van de Chinese volkscultuur, geschiedenis, ontwikkeling, leven, maar meer verbetert Belangrijk is, het vasteland (Mainland), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau School Match, trek aan de twee zijden en Hong Kong en Macao jongeren, leer elkaar, dus promoten aldus culturele uitwisselingen, verbeter vriendschap, worden vrienden, het resulterende effect is moeilijk, voeg diepere betekenis toe.

Chen Aimin, minister van Hong Kong, Macao en Taiwan, China, zei dat China Song Qingling Foundation aanhoudt aan de geest van Mr. Song Chun Chun Ling van "Een toekomst cre?ren", actief opbouwplatforms met Hong Kong en Macao Jeugd, en helpt de gezonde groei van Hong Kong en Macao . Ik hoop dat jonge vrienden actief zullen deelnemen aan de uitwisselingsactiviteiten van de fundering, het erven en bevorderen van de bijdragende jeugd in de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China.

De studenten en studenten van elke school wisselden de ervaring en winst van deelnemende activiteiten uit. Xia Xuefeng, plaatsvervangend hoofdsom van de Universiteit van Tsinghua, Feng Diwei, plaatsvervangend directeur van de Academic Affairs Office of Rongchang Anfu Middle School, Chongqing, beoordeelde de activiteiten en zegende de kinderen, zegende hen om betere handelingen te hebben in het toekomstige leren en leven, beter worden Betere communicator van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China. Wang Yiting, Hong Kong Mutong English Academy, zei: "Iedereen is gelukkig en geconcentreerd, maar heeft niet alleen een diepe vriendschap gevestigd, maar ook het onderwerp van ‘Folk Image Youth Memory’ weergeeft, met verschillende folkafbeeldingen vast te leggen, en de jeugd in foto’s op te leggen Op de foto vond ik het op de foto. "Macau Mirroring School Liang Kaier zei:" Hoewel het gewoon online communicatieactiviteiten is, hindert het mijn vriendschap tussen mij en mijn vrienden niet, ik leerde velen in de buurt. Beijing’s Douane een bepaald begrip van Macau.

Ik hoop dat we na het einde van de epidemie online kunnen gaan.

"De prijsuitreiking toont de fotografie-vermeldingen in het" elektronische album ". Volgens experts en geleerden werden de activiteiten geselecteerd en de tweede prijs, derde prijs en uitstekende prijs werden geselecteerd en de scène werd aangekondigd.

Folk fotografie werk winnaars eerste klasse eerste prijs Qinghua gehecht aan Mid Ding Jia Ni Macao Spiegel Ping School Li Xiaotong "Life Yong" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Ye Liangbo Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliate School Wang Jinhui Primary and Secondary School Wenyi "Old" tweede prijs Qinghua gehecht aan China Lu Ying Macau Square School Xu Jiajia, Wu Weiwei "Gujing · Vissen Guang" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Zhang Chengyi Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliate School Wang Jinhui Primary en Secondary School Hong Longong "Equipment" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Zeng Gang Hong Kong Mu Guang English Academy Zhou Wei "Different Place, Gelijkaardige Spirit" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Deng Qiuyue Hong Kong Mu Guang English Academy Lin Yan "School Middle School Baffimming Meter" Qinghua Architecture "Tsinghua University" Tsinghua Medium August Han Macao Square Middelbare school WU Weisen "verkennen geschiedenis in het moderne leven" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Guo Ren, Hong Kong Mutong English Academy Wang Yunwen "Sterk weven, uit de oudheid" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Tangyuqiao Hong Kong Mutong English College Zhang Jiarong "gebouw en Xia BU "Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Wu Jie Hong Kong Mutong English Academy Wang Yiting" Volg de verkenning, cultuur is "Excellent Personal Award" Rongchang Anfu Middle School Jiang Persimmon "The Old Lichen" Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Luo Yu "The Whole God "Chongqing Rongchang Anfu Middle School Zou Si" is een fotograaf "Hong Kong Mutong English Academy Zeng Xiaotao" Stone Street "Hong Kong Mutong Wang Yiting," Time "Time" Hong Kong Mutong English Academy Ye Jianjian "The Street of the Monoconics" Tsinghua Media Zhang Lee "" Tsinghua University "Tsinghua University" Gecombineerd met "Tsinghua University" Tsinghua Naojia Han "Forbidden City" Macau Spiegel Ping School Zhao Meixina "Chaoyang" Macau Yuehua Middle School Zou Shengpeng "Wij" Macau Mirroring School Liang Kaije "Sunset YUHUI "(Editor: Wang Yizhen, Changhong) Deel meer mensen zien.

Sportpark is "Hot" 15 minuten in Henan Netizens om het leven gezonder te maken

Sportpark is "Hot" 15 minuten in Henan Netizens om het leven gezonder te maken

  In 2013, Zhengzhou City, Zhengdong New District, in 2013, in 2013, gaf de provincie van Henan in 2013 de "Henan Provincial Sports Sports Strong Provincial Plan (2013-2020)", "Outline" versterkt duidelijk stedelijke en landelijke sportfaciliteiten, maak volledig gebruik van Natuurlijke omstandigheden zoals parken, groene ruimtes, plaatsen en landschappen, bouw van openbare sportfaciliteiten en buitensportfaciliteiten zoals gymnasium, en versterken toegankelijke faciliteiten en verbeteren de voorwaarden van sportactiviteiten in verschillende populaties. In juli 2015 wordt de "implementatie-adviezen over het versnellen van de ontwikkelingssportindustrie" uitgegeven in de provincie Henan, het is erop gewezen dat de stedelijke ecologische groene weg en de bergbeklimmende aerobicspad zijn opgezet.

In de stadsweg, de rivierenwegen, de rivieren en meren langs de kust, en de twee kanten van de toeristische weg zijn gepland om een ??groene weg naar de massa’s te bouwen, verbinden de stedelijke en landelijke bewonerstuinen, parken, musea, cultureel tuinen, en artistieke centra, natuurreservaten, schilderachtige plekken, geschiedenismonument, enz., Bouw een resident fitness casual greenway-netwerk. In november 2016 heeft het "13e vijf-jarige plan" -periode aangekondigd door Henan Province – "Henan Province National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)", biedt duidelijk "Versterking van de constructie van de site-faciliteiten, het verkennen van de nationale fitnessfunctie" en stelde dat voorgesteld tegen 2020 , het provincie Per Capita Sportsveldgebied moet vierkante meter bereiken, en meer dan 250.000 sociale sportinstructeur op alle niveaus, vaak deelnemen aan het aantal mensen in lichamelijke oefening bereikte 35 miljoen doelpunten.

  In januari 202 verhoogde de "implementatie-adviezen over het bevorderen van de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van nationale fitness- en sportverbruik" in de provincie Henan, de levering van sportruimtefaciliteiten, de effectieve aanvoer van fitnesslocatie-faciliteiten verhogen en de fitnessfaciliteiten rondom de mensen aangevuld . Het korte bord, redelijk gebruik van park groene ruimte, enz. Volgens de informatie, tijdens het "13e vijfjarenplan" -periode, de dekkingssnelheid van de stadsgemeenschap in de provincie Henan, heeft de dekkingssnelheid van het boersportfitnessproject van het administratieve dorp 100% bereikt, de reparaties van de provincie, transformatie , en nieuwe 5.500 voetballocaties, de fitnesslocaties van het openbare sport zijn gratis het open tarief van de low-vergoeding bereikt 100%.

Vanaf het einde van 2020 is de 17 provincies en stedelijke gebieden van de provincie van Jiyuan-demonstratiezone, allemaal gebouwd of gebouwd "twee drie conviodes"; in 105 provincies (steden), zijn er 71 provincies (stad) stedelijke gebouwen of bij de oprichting van "Twee drie-game"; alle townships en administratieve dorpen in de provincie bereikten 100%, en de stedelijke gemeenschap bouwde een "fitness circle van 15 minuten".

  Implementatie: Sportpark loopt naar de Live Diversity Locatie van de mensen, de Zhengdong New District of Zhengdong, Zhengdong Sports Park, Zhengdong New District Football Park, Basketball Park; Kaifeng’s Ancient City Sports Park; Luoyang City Sports Park, Wenbo Sports Park, Binbo Sports Park Park; Jiasha River Sports Park, Tianhe Park, Samu Sports Park … Provincie Henan, de verbetering van stedelijke fitnessfaciliteiten, met name de bouw van sportparken.

Road map task book, finalize the new round of social security reform dividends will be released

Road map task book, finalize the new round of social security reform dividends will be released

Original title: Road map task book finalized the new round of social security reform dividends will release for a long time, the social security treatment adjustment policy is intensively landing, covering retirees pension, urban resident pensions, work injuries, unemployment insurance, and medical treatment.

At the same time, the new round of social security reform road maps also float, involving multi-level social security systems, and fully implementing the national insured programs, steadily improving social security treatment levels.

The relevant departments are also advancing the national coordination of pensions, "three medical linkage" reforms in the tips.

According to industry insiders, with key sectors and key link reforms, social security dividends will also release deeply. Since July 1st, Shanghai began to adjust some of the people’s livelihood guarantees, mainly including unemployment insurance standards, three treatment standards for work injury insurance. Among them, the unemployment insurance premiums, the first payment standard is 1975 yuan / month; the 13-24 month payment standard is 1580 yuan / month; the extended payment standard is 1330 yuan / month. Beijing has released 2021 social security treatment standard centralized adjustment programs, adjusting retirees pension, urban residents’ basic pension and welfare pensions, work injury insurance regular treatment, unemployment insurance treatment and minimum wage standards. Among them, enterprises retirement pension quota increases 50 yuan per month, and the hook adjustment is appropriately increased according to the payment period, and the pension level is appropriately increased. The unemployment insurance premium standard is up to 218 yuan on the current basis, and it is implemented on August 1st.

In addition, since July 1st, Shenzhen raised local medical insurance and fertility insurance payment base and treatment solvency; Hainan included 12 chronic special disease diseases into basic medical insurance outpatient reimbursement, reducing the medical expenses of insured personnel. Since this year, my country’s social security treatment has been adjusted to densely landing. The basic pension of enterprises in the enterprise is in the past 17 years, as of the end of June, 31 provinces pension raised programs have been released.

Unemployment insurance, work injury insurance treatment is also significantly improved. The Secretary-General of the World Social Security Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that the reporter of the Economic Reference Report said that since this year, the social security coverage has continued to expand, continuing the implementation of the "exemption of slowing down" policies to expand the scope of unemployment policy. In the event of an epidemic, the basic pension of retirees rose, ensuring a certain magnitude increase. At the same time of social security treatment, the construction is more equitable, and more sustainable social security systems are also expected.

In recent times, relevant departments and places are also intensively issued relevant policies.

Fully implement the national insurance plan; realize the basic pension insurance of enterprise employees, unemployment insurance provincial coordination, work injury insurance provincial coordination is more perfect; gradually improve the basic pension standard of urban and rural residents; improve the development of multi-level, multi-pillar pension insurance system, Vigorously develop enterprise annuity, professional annuity, improve enterprise annuity coverage, standardize the third pillar of development of endowment insurance, promote personal pension development … The latest "Human Resources and Social Security" 14th "Planning" released new An important signal of a round of social security reform.

The relevant person in charge of the Planning Finance Division of the Ministry of Human Social Society, the multi-level social security system in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is more sound.

Basic pension insurance enrollment rate reached 95%, unemployment insurance, and the number of work injury insurance reached 100 million people respectively.

Supplementary pension insurance funds exceeded 4 trillion yuan.

The basic pension capital of urban and rural residents entrusted investment funds exceeded 400 billion yuan.

Flexible. Social security reform "breaking ice" is one of the highlights.

my country will promote the full coverage of employee basic endowment insurance from the system to the statutory crowd, and the flexible employees will have a restrictions on social insurance, and actively promote the willingness and payable flexible employment personnel and new employment form. Personnel and other participants of basic endowment insurance. "Furtherprwardly improve the level of social insurance, which is conducive to achieving the unity of social insurance systems, policies, management, and services in all coordinates areas, which is conducive to the fairness of the various social insurance systems. At the same time, through comprehensive implementation The National Insured Program, the coverage of social security is continuously expanded.

Jin Wei Kong, the president of China Labor and Social Security Research Institute, said. Pension National Coordination is also arrowing on strings. Zhang Ji Nan, Minister of Human Social Security, pointed out that in improving the central tuning system of the pension insurance fund, to achieve provincial overall insurance, accelerate the promotion of pension insurance Co-ordination. Medical security benefits, the General Office of the State Council has recently issued a focus on the five-year-old work tasks, accelerating the promotion of medical, medical insurance, medical linkage reform, and improve the national medical insurance system.

The State Council executive meeting held on July 7, deployed the measures to further promote the efficient and convenient and convenient support for medical insurance, including the focus on groups such as tens of millions of mobile population, especially migrant workers, and accelerated the inpatients, the outpatient cost is different from the medical settlement service. On the place, since July 1st, the "Zhejiang Medical Security Regulations" officially implemented, through expanding the scope of the guarantee, reducing the major illness, shortening the return of retirement payment, and improve the medical security treatment of the insured person.

Sichuan Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Medical Security System", explicitly to the end of 2021, comprehensively do the basic medical insurance city-level co-ordination; by 2025, basically complete the treatment, financing operation, payment method, drug equipment collection, fund Reform tasks in supervision, medical services, medical services, etc.

Fang Lianquan said, improve multi-level social security system, focusing on implementing national insured programs, improving social security system, and improving social insurance treatment adjustment mechanisms, strengthening social insurance fund supervision. In addition, it should also be combined with the changes in the economic and social situation during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, adhere to the system concept, coordinate, to the grasp of reform and innovation, and comprehensively promote the reform measures in social security, implement planning goals, and achieve multi-level urban and rural social security systems. High quality sustainable development.

"Should promote the national overall retirement and extension of the minimum payment period, improve the treatment adjustment mechanism, to expand the benefits of unemployment insurance system, explore the establishment of multi-level work injury insurance, promote new employment formal groups, accelerate social security fund investment, etc. Further reform in key areas.

"Fang Quan said.

(Ban Juanjuan) (Editor: Musiyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions Explore the "Eight Members" to meet the "full star" to "a fire"

Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions Explore the "Eight Members" to meet the "full star" to "a fire"

At noon at noon on October 25, Li Town, takeaway, sent a single-in-law station in Shuanghu Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, and drunk a free sour plum soup.

Li Tang said, he is tired, come here, take a break, eat some small snacks, which makes him feel tissue, very intimate.

This love station is the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions to open a courier, a restaurant, security, etc., the original intention is to continuously improve their working conditions.

In addition to water and snacks, the station is also equipped with basic facilities such as refrigerators, microwaves, emergency drugs, charging treasures. It is free to use new state workers throughout the year. The deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions said that in recent years, with the upgrade of digital economy and mass consumption, the car driver, a courier, security guard, a housekeeping staff, a webmaster, and a care care care Members, shopping mall information, real estate agent (ie "eight major members)) These new state workers have become an indispensable force in Suzhou’s staff teams. To this end, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions launched more and more "eight major powers" to join the trade union, enjoy the concern of "Mother", helping Suzhou to build a laborer’s employment entrepreneurs preferred city brand. Nearly 70,000 people have a "mother family" to draw blood, do B-ultrasound, ECG test … Recently, Jiangsu Yong Tong Guo Service Co., Ltd. security guards Ren Li and colleagues did a special medical examination – Suzhou University of Trade Union organized Physical examination.

"We have a major time to stand in a job or patrol, a job, often back pain.

"Ren Li said," This trade union organization allows us to make targeted inspections according to their own work, and let us know that their body is good. "And Ren Lili participated in the medical examination, as well as a total of more than 300 people such as the courier and the housekeeper. They all received the medical examination notice from the Industry Union Federation.

Although they have different times of joining the trade union, they are generally experienced. Package, Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions pays attention to solving new-state workers most concerned, helping them to divert more skill training, quality improve resources, and promote new state employees to more professional, specialized and standardized directions developing. Wu Xudong, the grassroots working minister of the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions, said: "We enjoys the care and service of the trade union organization by adding the ‘eight major" groups to the trade union organization, let them feel the support of the’ mother.

"At present, the" eight major "groups of Suzhou have established different levels of trade union organizations, 68,698 members, and 6,86,696, entering members.

Behind the number of invested people with nearly 70,000 people in the Union Federation of Trade Unions, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions has continuously explored the results of innovation.

"Eight members" generally have problems with strong individuality, weak tissue, low liquidity, low levels of cultural, and difficulty in maintenance, so that there are many problems in the meeting. "Trade Union organizes the ‘Mother Family" of the employee, and should be the owner’ eight major members’ rights guaranteed.

"Wu Xudong said, in order to guide the" eight major members ", in April 2018, the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions released the" Guidance of the Advanced Corporate Trade Union Reform ", clearly proposed, maximize the" eight major members "employees Organize to the union, and on the basis of field research, the "eight major members" will be specially deployed, and "1 + 1" work mode, research, investigate, explore the "homecent waiter + self-selected group" union assembly Work, in various places to form the experience and model of "Informal Employment, Non-Standard Labor Relations". In 2019, Suzhou launched the "eight major powers" union to build a comprehensive touched work, "first easy, step by step, classification , The principle of focusing on the "eight major members" industry authorities, associations and leadership enterprises, and coordinate the promotion of the meeting.

In October 2020, the Suzhou Security Industry Trade Union Federation, Suzhou Family Services Industry Trade Union and Suzhou Express Industry Union Federation were listed. Up to now, Suzhou has implemented all the main express brand grassroots trade union full coverage. Xu Jie Wen, Chairman Suzhou Express Industry Trade Union, said: "With the carrier of the Federation, we provide more care for the hard work of the little buddy.

"Active service expansion effective coverage and Suzhou huge use of indispensable volumes are only the hoss of the iceberg. At present, Suzhou is striving to build a laborer’s employment entrepreneurship’s preferred city. To this end, Suzhou City Federation is accelerating The "eight major members" will admit the pace of meeting. "Promoting the ‘eight major members’ to meet, that is, by forming a dispersed individual, ‘will gather full of stars into a group of fire’. "Wen Xianghua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, said that the Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions has been interacting with multi-platform construction, with professional industry enterprises, constantly exploring, and finds the best construction meeting, join Paths and methods, effectively enhance employee’s income rate, expand the union coverage, let the "eight major members" group truly feel the warmth and care of the organization.

In order to expand the coverage of the trade union preferential policy, the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions opens "I want to enter" window on the Soviet app, and established "APP Application Member Temporary Library" to facilitate unintended units. "Workers’ online will be invited." In response to the difficulty of the "eight major powers", the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions established special prize funds, covering the regionality, industry trade union organizations that "eight major powers", and clarify the norms established in the past three years. The trade union organizes a one-time conference award funds for uniformity.

In order to expand the effective coverage of trade union organizations and trade unions, Suzhou City Federation of Trade Unions focus on solving the problem of workers’ health and other problems. Zhu Jianchun, the party group and Vice-Chairman of the Suzhou City Bureau of China, said that by having a plan to carry out the "eight major members" activities to send cool, send body inspection, send books and other diversity services to send the party and the government’s care to the staff. , Constantly enhance their trust trust in the party and the government and the "mother", enhance the sense of "eight major powers", happy, safe.

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Shanghai strives for violation of securities

Shanghai strives for violation of securities

This newspaper Shanghai September (Reporter Ju Yunpeng) The reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate: Recently, the hospital issued the "Shanghai Procuratorate on the Implementation Plan of the Act", " All-round enhance the integration effectiveness, vigorously promote the professional construction of cases, to promote the construction of the capital market, effectively prevent the resolution of major financial risks. According to reports, from 2016, at the end of July this year, Shanghai procuratorate accepted 62 of the securities futures crimes, and ratified 53 of 79 people, accepting 99 cases of examination of the examination and prosecution, and filed 67 people. According to the implementation plan, in terms of sentencing, the procuratorial organ should propose a precisely sentencing suggestion, strictly control the probation application, and increase the economic sanctions of the penalty of gold according to law, and promote the application of "employment prohibition" for securities practitioners, and effectively improve the cost of illegal crime. In the hit range, the procuratorate should focus on implementing the "synchronous review" working mechanism of securities criminal cases and laundering crime; adhere to the "one case double investigation", and severely punish the intermediary organizations to provide false proof documents, issued a proven to be more confirmed. "People’s Daily" (September 02, 2021) (Editor: Mu Yili, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Taiyuan Yingze District monthly publication "five packs" evaluation results

Taiyuan Yingze District monthly publication "five packs" evaluation results

  Original title: Yingze District announced the monthly publication of "five packs" evaluation results on September 3 Yingze District news, the area evaluated the "five packs" responsibilities in front of the door, and concentrated publicity evaluation results, This enhances the social responsibility of merchants and units to promote its inaccessible behavior in the responsible area. Yingze District will test the "door five packs" as a normalization work, establish a sound "door five packs" account system, for the responsible unit, merchants to make a billians, combed responsibility list and questions, dynamically follow-up merchants " Five packets in front of the door. The district has implemented star selection of "five packages" responsibilities in front of the door, 90 points or more, 80 minutes to 89 are divided into four stars, 60 minutes to 79 are divided into three-star, 60 points or less. Lost star selection qualifications. Taking the old military camps as an example, 19 of the five-star merchants were rated in August, 284 four-star merchants, 812 three-star merchants, and no qualified merchants.

The first time in the old military camp is selected in the business office of the commercial store. It has publicized the results of the star to praise excellent merchants, and some merchants have actively implemented their respective "front five packs" work.

In this evaluation, the 2 merchants of the ranks only have 2 stars, and the streets will follow the supervision to ensure that they are replaced in time. (Reporter Wang Yong correspondent Li Xiao).

The Sichuan-Chongqing Human Department jointly organized college students’ entrepreneurial innovation competition

The Sichuan-Chongqing Human Department jointly organized college students’ entrepreneurial innovation competition

  People’s Network Chongqing August 11th (Chen Qi, Liu Min) On the 11th, the 3rd "Greaky Hui Valley" College Student Innovation Competition was launched. From now until September 15th, college graduates within 5 years of colleges and universities can sign up for the next two ways. According to reports, this competition is to implement the Sichuan Human Resources and Social Security Cooperation Agreement. Through Sichuan Yunli, the original Chongqing is hosted by Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department. Joint hosted, Chongqing Talent Exchange Service Center, Sichuan Talent Exchange Center jointly undertaken. The contest came from now until November Chongqing Yingchang, lasting for 4 months. The entire event is divided into two special items in college students Double-Create Project Contest and College Students (Youth) Micro Movie Creation Competition. Among them, the college students are divided into creative groups for unmanufacture of registration team or individuals, and two groups of start-up groups or individual teams or individuals for business registration, college students (youth) micro movie creation competitions are divided into micro movies. , Short video two groups.

The entire competition highlights entrepreneurial innovation creative creation "four rounds", reflects a good atmosphere of the competition, and Saiqi interaction.

  It is understood that this contest is facing the world, college graduates within 5 years of school students or graduates. The entire competition is divided into four schedules for registration, preliminary, resort, finals.

Among them, the registration stage is from now until September 15, and the registration uses "online + line" mode.

Online, you can sign up through Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Network, Chongqing, Sichuan Talent Network; in line, register at the land acquisition and talent service center. In the first stage, the 10 games will be carried out in the two places of Sichuan, 1 game on the first game (optional); the resort will selection 16 projects to the finals, 40 entry into the online voting section 20 works into the final review; finals will Chongqing Yingcai Festival was held on the spot. This competition will eventually selection of college students with double gold and silver copper awards, as well as micro-movie Best film, best director, best screenwriter, best popularity, etc., a total of 28 awards. The wounded team or individual will be recommended to the Great Chuanggui Valley University Student Garden, enjoy the rental free, financial and tax items; free to participate in various types of job fairs and talents in the city talent center, can apply for employment trainee bases and Reporting employment, employment subsidies, enjoying entrepreneurial counseling, training, training, training, etc. Platform open list, enjoy the loan service coupon. The split microfilm creative team or individual will be recommended to the Cantonese Hui Valley University Student Film and Television Entrepreneurship Extensive Training Base, enjoy the free office venue, the Industrial and Commercial Affairs Office, equipment support; recommendation and Chongqing’s well-known film and television enterprises, film and television team cooperation, enjoy technology, business support, etc. . (Editor: Liu Zhengning, Zhang Wei).

Retired soldiers Mo Jie: "Give back to society is my life pursuit"

Retired soldiers Mo Jie: "Give back to society is my life pursuit"

"The newly covered building is spacious and comfortable, my son’s physical condition has been much better, and a family is worn, this is all overcome your help!" In early July, Niangji Mountain, Mao Ba Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province The 73-year-old veteran Luo Hongliang, pulled the retired soldiers Mo Ji’s hand.

Luo Hongliang has always lived in three short houses, loving people, big sons, two sons disabilities, the burden of the whole family rely on him. The first time I walked into Luo Hongliang, I saw his family’s live situation, Mo Jie was very not a taste. "The old squad leader is not easy to help him get out of the predicament, and if everyone will pick up the firewood flame, powerful, and have money." Under his initiative, the local patriotic support forces and related units positive response, very I will raise more than 90,000 yuan, helping Luo Hong to cover the new house. Moving into the new house On the same day, Mo Jie learned that Luo Hongliang’s second son urgently needed a surgery fee, and took the lead in organizing everyone to donate more than 10,000 yuan, solving Luo Family’s burning.

"This is just a minority of his love for veterans.

"Gao Yongxin, the political commissar of the municipal people, said that in recent years, Moji has led the employees to join the local patriotic support for the promotion, and actively carry out the" Easy to support the troops "activities.

Mo Jiecai, who has worked many times in the troops, and launched a company shortly after retiring in 1998.

He relys with good reputation and dare to fight for hard work, and he will do the business.

In order to bring the father of hometown, Mo Jie chose to return to the hometown to create a food distribution company integrating farmy trade products such as vegetables, fish, egg birds.

After entrepreneurial success, he did not forget the cultivation of the forces. He often led the company’s staff to visit the condolences, and was recognized by the local government as "the most beautiful military person" "excellent retired soldiers".

"One flower is not spring, Baihua Qi release spring," Mo Jie realized that as a party member, a veteran, caring for military union superior. Not long ago, more than 30,000 pounds of agricultural products in Nine Cang Town farmers have stagnant. Mo Jie immediately organized the field to find out the situation in the field of vegetable planting base, and helped the masses in the business model of "company + farmers" to help the masses solve the problem of agricultural products. Since 2019, Mo Jie actively undertakes the living guarantee of more than 30 orphan children.

He took the lead in establishing a psychological care group, conducting a pair of psychological counseles for aid child, regularly contacting relevant institutions to do health checkups to ensure healthy growth of these children. Up to now, Mo Jie has organized 149 support for the military universal activities, visiting the visit to the military veterans and military lifeligans, helping the poverty retired soldiers, have provided employment positions for 351 people, funding 435 orphans. The decisive battle decided to take the poverty, he led 133 households to set up a poverty-stricken household and poverty-poverty, received praise from all walks of life.

I mentioned these, Mo Jie said affectionately: "I am a communist party member who has been cultivated by the troops. It is the party and the army to cultivate me. It is the party’s good policy to let me go into the road, return party, give back to society. It is the pursuit of my life.

"(Zhu Guangqiang, Cheng Zedong) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei).

Sound ideal beliefs to make up the spirit of the spirit

Sound ideal beliefs to make up the spirit of the spirit

Fifteen Ideal beliefs will never go out.

In the Central Soviet area and the Long March, the party and the Red Army are relying on a firm ideal belief and a strong revolutionary will, and a desperate rebirth, it is more frustrated, and finally has achieved victory, creating an incredible miracle.

We can’t forget the party’s initial heart and mission, can not forget the revolutionary ideals and revolutionary purposes, we must continue to high the banner of revolution, promote the great future spirit, and move forward towards the great revival of the Chinese nation. Today, in the new long-standing road, we must overcome a variety of major risks challenges from home and abroad, seize the new victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and still rely on the ideal beliefs and strong revolutionary will of the whole party. (From May 20 to 22, 2019, speaking at Jiangxi and hosted a speech when holding a symposium to promote the rise of the central region. The great struggle of features is still continuing, we are facing a series of major challenges, major risks, major resistance, and significant contradictions. Without a firm ideal belief, it will lose the direction in the complex environment of the chaotic cloud, and retreat under the huge pressure on the top of Taishan, and the annoyance of the bombing of the sugar-coated shells.

We must learn from the red gene, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", consciously do communist far-sighted ideals and socialist socialism People and faithful practitioners really become a Maxist warrior that is unfair, lifeless. (Speech at the end of January 22, 2019 At the end of Jiangxi examine, the seventeen ideal belief is the political soul of the Communists, which is the essential requirements of the foundation of the Communists.

Communists only have a high and firm ideal belief, they can do not forget to be happy, keep in mind their mission. To always don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission as a compulsory course, often repair lesson, often ask for the initial heart, timely repair the leaves, make up the calcium bones, and the ideals "total switch", in the big red, in front of the wind and waves There is no fear in front of the test, stand firm in front of various temptations, letting the party letter in front of the crucial moment, relying on, can rest assured.

(December 26, 2019, the speech at the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee "I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission" Topic Democratic Life will, keep in mind the mission, must be an eternal topic of strengthening the party’s construction and All party members, and unreasonable lifetime topics are often unreasonable. One person is also good, a political party is also good, the most rare is that after the vicissitudes of life, it is not changed, and the color is still in color. The party’s initiality and mission is the party’s nature purpose, ideal belief, and the focus of the goal of struggle, incentive, our party will always stick to our party. From the stone gate to Tiananmen, from Xingye Road to Fuxing Road, all the efforts of our party have conducted all the struggles, all the sacrifices made, are for the happiness and national rejuvenation.

It is because it is always adhered to this initiality and mission. Our party can develop strong in extreme troubles, in order to stand up in the end of the desperation, we can resolutely fought in the adversity. Forgot your initiality and mission, our party will change the nature, change the color, will lose the people, and lose the future.

(On January 8, 2020, at "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission" theme education summary conference) 19 I often talk about, party members, cadres should revolutionize the party constitution, revolutionize their entrances, revolutionary martyrs Home book.

The party constitution should be placed in the bed, often controlled the examination, see if he did it? See if you have any violation of the initiative? The room should be cleaned often, and the mirror should be wiped often.

To guide the party organizations and majority of party members, cadres often conduct ideological and political physical examination, and ask the Party Central Committee "to take the party rules" scan " "Control", continuously ask the initial heart, guarding the initial heart, constantly sticking to the mission, take the mission, always doing the initial heart, mission.

It is necessary to nourish the initial heart in the party’s innovation theory, lead the mission, find the initial heart, incentive mission in the extraordinary history of the party, to hit the initial heart, understand the mission, the initiative and mission becomes an intention, and the intensity of innovation The gods and the buried, and they really caught the active corporation.

(Speech at 2020 at "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission" theme education summary conference) 20th faith is crucial. For the belief in communism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the political soul of the Communists, which is the spiritual pillar of the Communists to live with any test. In the new era, firm belief beliefs, the most important thing is to firmly strengthen socialist roads with socialism, theory, confidence, and confident cultural confidence. The party’s hundred years of struggle history and great achievements are the most solid foundation of "four confidence". (Speech on February 20, 2021 at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference) 21 "Life World, Dangerous".

"No Party in the world, like this, has encountered so many difficulties, experienced so many life and death tests, paying more tragic sacrifice. For a hundred years, in response to various difficult challenges, our party tempered Fence, fear of strong enemy, not afraid, dare to fight, courageous, and quality. This is the most distinctive characteristics and characteristics of our party.

In the extraordinary struggle of a hundred years, generations of China’s Communists are tenacious and struggling, and they have been unremitting, and a large number of revolutionary martyrs who are decentralized, a large number of hard-working heroes, a large number of advanced models that give me dedication, forming Jinggangshan Spirit, Long March Spirit, Zunyi Conference, Yan’an Spirit, West Poor Spirit, Red Rock Spirit, Anti-US Aid Poly, "Two Biometrics" Spirit, Special Economic, Flood Flood Disaster, Earthquake Disaster Relief Spirit, Epretation of Epretation, Structure Chinese Communist Party ‘s Psychological Practice.

The reason why our party has been in a hundred years, and it is difficult to have a strong spirit of hardships, and it is a strong spirit that is desperately interested in a revolution. These valuable spiritual wealth has across time and space, long-lasting, concentrated on the party’s firm belief, fundamental purpose, excellent style, condense the great character of the Chinese Communists to struggle, sacrifice dedication, and pioneering into our party, country, Among the blood of the nation, the people’s blood, providing us with a strong nourishment.

(Speech at the Party History of Education Mobilization Conference on February 20, 2021).