Scene randomly tested test learning results

Scene randomly tested test learning results

"Why is theory of the United States" "Interpretation of the party loyal to the party" "people are not returned to Qingshan, Qingshan is not negative" … On June 3, the central and state organs learned Xi Jinping new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking At the Experience Exchange, the statement on behalf of the young student models caused the applause.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Party, the departments of the central and state organs have adhere to the study and implementation of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping as the primary political task, and focus on doing a good job in the theoretical armed forces, and in depth, in depth, the youth theory learning improvement project, and generally set up young people. Theoretical Study Group, a group of young learning models that have been invested by a batch of diplomas, and believe in a letter. At the communication meeting, the Central Committee and the State Administrative Committee have come to 122 advanced individuals who have won the title of "Central and State Organs Youth Learning Model".

The youth learning model from 11 departments combined with their own work reality, shared the harvest and experience of learning Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking: Wu Tianyu, the National Supervision Office of the Central Commission, shared the General Secretary of Xi Jinping on "Two Great Revolution" "Important discussion on the important revelation of the renovation of contemporary youth; the Central Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Central Office will learn the text, understand the feelings, the scope of the picture, and the general secretary of Xi Jinping is a Chinese people to seek the mission of the Chinese nation. Feelings; Liu Haoyang, a Central Organization Department, a bureau, regards Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics as a spiritual belief, interpreting the party loyalty in deep education; China Propaganda Department Policy and Regulations Research Office Yao Bing is in Dry Middle School, in learning Dry, formed a theoretical method of "diligence, strong use, deep, and power"; the basic education of the Ministry of Education said, from the perspective of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, is historically solved. "Poverty Family Population Problem" and the earth-overning change in the underlying education cause; Liu Yue, the Ecological Environment Department Political Research Center, told the "reading and writing of the" reading and writing "activities through the Youth Theory Study Group, studying the harvest of the ecological civilization thinking; the Ministry of Commerce Ma Xiaoying, International Economic Cooperation Affairs, has further deepened the understanding of the "Egg Road" such as Madagasa Mazaza Town, further deepening the understanding of the constructing human fate community; He Jia, the International Cooperation of Customs, said that the total is close to the total The secretary "going to do it immediately, real-drying", coordinating the rapid clearance of massive epidemic prevention materials, and the story of dozens of countries close to the anti-vloise cooperation; Xinhua News Agency Zhu Ji combined with nearly 20 reports Xi Jinping General Secretary Domestic Expedition The experience of the general secretary of the close-up of the physical evidence is the mission of the "People is Jiangshan"; the National Defense Technology Bureau Comprehensive Si Qinjian introduced the young theory study team to promote the national core technological innovation and development of the truth of the truth. And practice great. The General Assembly not only gives a commendation, but also puts a test: randomly taking the answer, and inspecting whether the 122 youth learning models have achieved results. The Youth Studies of the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) participated in the series of interviews that reflect General Secretary Xi Jinping’s growth process. When she shared the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the host of the people’s touching story, the host thrown Question: "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes that we must learn from the people, learn from the people, put down the shelf, fall down the body, ground the gas, pass the situation, please talk about your understanding of your own growth experience? You have a 3 minute answer time.

"Below, we will randomly take some learning of the self-study questions, please operate the computer.

"The host is just the voice, the atmosphere is nervous, more than 400 venues, and the screen is staring at the big screen of the venue:" Central Policy Wen Shifang "" Huang Hui, the National Development and Reform Commission "… 122 young studies The names and units randomly roll quickly on the screen. As the host "stop", the scroll screen will stop in the "Central Political Legal Committee Yang Dongliang".

The watch of the venue suddenly brushed into Yang Dongliang, which was standing from the front. "I used to worked as a Western volunteer in Tibet, the people’s procuratorate for assistance in Tibet. The hard struggle in the grassroots rule of law has inspired me …" Combined with your own experience, everyone heard, live Applause.

"Please talk about your work on your own work." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " . "This kind of communication form is novel, lively, 3 hours, still feeling that it is still unfinished.

"Many participates in the youth, the theme spoke and on-site question and answer, reflecting the significant results of the central and state organs in the understanding of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of internship.

At the youth, he said that he must be an example with the youth learning model, and will learn theoretical learning as a life-threatening course, consciously active, timely follow the students, contact the actual law, and learn the firm belief in the socialist thinking of China’s characteristics. And loyal practitioners.

Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

Returning to the idyllic "net red" couple bring hometown people to get rich

  Xu Yanhe Zhou Xiaolong lives in Ba’an Community, Yibei Town, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and the accounts jointly operated with 3 million fans on the short video platform, which is a "net red" couple in the countryside.

This is from the countryside, and it has also been working in many cities. In leisure, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong like to shoot some short video records, and gradually attracted some fans. After some attempt, the couple kept realized that the video content of the rural theme is particularly popular, and there is a market prospect. This will live toward the garden and decided to return to the countryside and concentrate on the creation of short video content. After returning to the country, the hardworking little couple is busy.

They raise chicken geese, fishing crayfish, dig wild vegetables, making all kinds of food, often in video sweet interaction. They have been present in the video, and they are welcomed by netizens.

Xu Yan said: "Shooting video is to record life, only you have to have fun, you can send a happy time to others." For the future, Xu Yan and Zhou Xiaolong confidence are full.

At the end of June, their baby is about to birth, Xu Yan intends to use video to record children’s growth. Zhou Xiaolong also planned a special product processing plant, acquired a special product processing for the sausage, bacon, honey and other specialty products sold, and sells more people to get rich through the short video platform. "Now the entrepreneurial environment and living environment of rural areas are getting better and better, we are willing to stay.

Zhou Xiaolong said.

  Photography: Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin: Xinhua Net Jiang Yan.

Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

Ride Lu Codonopsis: medicinal edible polish + GuoZiHao gold standard

  "We are planting Codonopsis historic temple Village, is known for the cultivation of professional village Lu Codonopsis." "You see, my height is 5’11 dangshen this strain is even higher than I mile!" "Lion’s Head, Feng Wei, daisy heart, all feature in this strain Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis who are perfectly presented itself. "…… November 6, Pingshun first Lu Codonopsis cultural Festival grand opening, companies from the county, cooperatives, grower who have" light "from home" baby ", showcasing, competing for selection.

  Ride the highest elevation of 1876 meters, the lowest 380 meters, more than 97% of all mountains and hills, diverse microclimate, Lu Codonopsis is authentic origin, smooth Lu Codonopsis "lion’s head Pteris chrysanthemum heart", with deficiency of spleen Yifei effect, is dangshen in the top grade. "How the resource advantages into economic advantages, we have done what the article, under the foot work." Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Pingshun Bureau, said Wang Teng, follow the "Guanghui is the gold and silver mines," the scientific concept of development, the smooth aiming at the development of the eyes to Lu Codonopsis as the representative of traditional Chinese medicine industry. To promote the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, smooth county government support policies to encourage and support bases of Chinese herbal medicines, drugs explored a grain intercropping, forest medicine intercropping, forest, wild upbringing, such as planting mode, and built a multi-species test, imitation wild, green prevention and control demonstration, production and integration of village development 10 Lu Codonopsis base, the county planted area of Chinese herbal medicines and wild tending hectares, of which Lu Codonopsis standardized planting base of 20000 acres, 10000 acres of planting base imitation of wild .

  August 2011 Lu Codonopsis is registered as a national geographical indications of agricultural products, 2020 April 16 approved the construction of the country’s only Lu Codonopsis situ conservation area, 2020 April 27 smooth medicines included in the national industrial park of modern agricultural industrial park create a list. The Lu Codonopsis Cultural Festival "authentic, quality, brand" as the goal, to "promote the development of high-quality Lu Codonopsis industry" as the theme, the opening ceremony, "Lu Codonopsis King" Talent Competition, Peasant Games, food and drink contest , composed of expert forums and other activities, demonstrating Lu Codonopsis industrial development achievements and prospects. In dangshen product exhibition, dangshen leading enterprises, new agricultural business entities, cooperatives are competing on behalf of "selling crying."

Codonopsis sheet, Codonopsis tea, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis powder processed products, as well as oral Codonopsis, Lu Codonopsis granules, granules Codonopsis Lu, Lu Codonopsis Codonopsis lozenge containing ingredients of pharmaceutical products, dazzling, numerous. "Single planting, extensive processing has failed to meet the market demand, our company can do is to extend the industrial chain, enhance the added value of dangshen, the smooth Lu Codonopsis brand bigger and stronger." Health Co., Ltd. Shanxi Zhendong, chairman Hu Lifeng said.

  Currently, smooth Lu Codonopsis industry has formed a "large-scale cultivation, the order of acquisition, storage and modern, diversified processing, electricity supplier marketing, development of agricultural brigade," the whole industry chain development pattern, driven more than 8,000 households with an average annual income 6500 yuan . This year, ride around the county government reinforce the "three basic" to promote the "four development" ideas, focusing "medicines" agriculture "four brand" and continue to dig deep Lu Codonopsis medicinal, edible, cultural values, continuous bigger, stronger, so gifted Lu Codonopsis industry a boost, second, third, integration and development, further polish "smooth Lu Codonopsis," the gold standard GuoZiHao, writing a new chapter in the development of high-quality smooth holistic approach. Conviction Li Chao (Editor: Li Lin).

Su Qian, Fuyang: The happy home of farmers

Su Qian, Fuyang: The happy home of farmers

The total investment of 10 million yuan in the new rural community in Liuji Town, Fuyang County, covers an area of more than 120 acres, including 194 sets of new houses.The project adopts the "government leading, regular concretion, government, fiscal supporting", on the basis of "Five-way Eight Ten" supporting facilities, high standard construction style cultural and sports service center and convenience supermarket, supporting agricultural machinery centralized storage pointsPublic facilities such as peasant gardens, as the important rods of farmers as the important rod of rural revitalization, build communities into a happiness home of peasants.

The community is less than 1,000 meters from the town industrial park, and the land is more than 2,000 yuan to develop efficient agriculture. It can provide more than 1,500 jobs, and per capita monthly wages are about 3,500 yuan.

(Reporter Xiao Weiwei trainee reporter Chen Shaoshuai photo).

The country’s first, donated 546.585 million yuan! The 18th Cave Rural Development Foundation was established

The country’s first, donated 546.585 million yuan! The 18th Cave Rural Development Foundation was established

The foundation was established.

The organizer is awarded the map of Changsha, November 4 (Wu Wei) Yesterday, Hunan Province Huayuan County 18th Cave Rural Development Foundation was formally established, this is the first county-level rural development foundation in the country. According to the total requirements of "industrial prosperity, ecological livable, township civilization, effectiveness, life wealth", will focus on developing new agriculture, building new rural areas, cultivating new farm business, will focus on industrial revitalization, life The three major directions of the development of the people are working. In the direction of industrial revitalization, implementation demonstration, talent training two-wheel drive strategy; in the ecological livable direction, through urban and rural homage environment comprehensive management, beautiful rural areas such as projects, through medium and medium-sized disaster rescue, reduce prevention and other projects Enhance the ability of rural response to disasters, promoting a rural living environment is more safe, more convenient, more beautiful; in the development direction of people, carrying out education projects such as student, health and health projects, special crowd care projects, promote the development and support of public welfare industry Effectively participate in the revitalization of rural villages, implement public welfare partners support projects; mobilize more social public to participate in rural revitalization and social welfare.

It is reported that the foundation is initiated by the Huayuan County Committee of the County Committee, the original fund number is RMB 4 million, from the county finance and corporate donation. Established on-site, 80 love companies, foundations, and provinces of the provinces of the province donated money to the Foundation, the fund number increased to 10,000 yuan. (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Today’s "People’s Daily" in history: "Chinese Junior Children Team" was decided to announce

Today’s "People’s Daily" in history: "Chinese Junior Children Team" was decided to announce

The party’s 19th report, with a special paragraph, specifically expounded the ardent expectations of the youth generation.

Because "Youth is the country, the youth is strong".

Teenagers represent the future of the country, the hope of the nation. The party has always attached importance to the growth of adolescents.

On October 25, 1949, the People’s Daily announced in New China, and the people’s daily reported a significant position in the first version, and five news about young people work. One of them is about the establishment of a decision to establish Chinese Children’s Team.

This decision passed on October 13, this date became a "Jennan Day".

Chinese Children’s Team, in 1953, the Chinese Junior Pioneer, which is the mass organization of the Chinese Communist Party through the creation and leadership of the Youth League. Establishing an original intention, as decided: "It is a new Chinese, united and educated teenagers, and cultivated them to become a native of new China, a new Chinese, a new Chinese, a new Chinese, a new Chinese, a new China who has been united and educated.


Strictly defense the "Shanxi position" time tight the epidemic prevention and control this string!

Strictly defense the "Shanxi position" time tight the epidemic prevention and control this string!

Yellow River News Network (Reporter Qianlong) Currently, the situation of new coronal pneumonia is still serious and complicated.

The global epidemic is popular, and the number of new epidemic control measures. The new diagnosis case has rebounded 4 consecutive years, and the cumulative diagnosis of new coronal pneumonia is more than 5 million.

On November 12, the reporter held a press conference from the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office. At present, the new round of epidemic in China presents multi-disseminated, local outbreaks, and has spread 21 provinces. There is no local case in Shanxi.

As of 19:00 on November 11, there were 6 high-risk regions in the country, 91 in the middle-risk areas. Shanxi is in the surrounding surrounding epidemic, the pressure and challenge of external prevention input is further increased.

Feng Lizhong, director of the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Control, said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is serious, Shanxi will adhere to the people’s supremacy, life is not shaken, adhere to the total strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound", adhere to normalization of normal science precision prevention and control Do not stop, decisive control risk vulnerabilities, build a density prevention and control barrier, cautious, often, strictly guard against the "Shanxi position".

Unified and efficient command, the Shanxi Province, which has been unified and efficient, and the Shanxi Province has held three provincial committees and 5 provincial meetings, analyzing the research situation, making arrangements deployment. Lin Wu secretary, Blue Fliven, deputy secretary of Shang Li Guang, deputy governor of Wu Wei, deputy governor, deputy governor, Sun Hongshan, etc. Work special off, strictly implement the value of the crime, and always maintain emergency state and normal operation. Provincial Prevention and Control Office held a number of meetings, the first time, the first time, the first time released a health tips, organized experts to analyze the research and judgment, implement the one-day dispatch, flexible dispatching, double-line operations, and sent the whole process of the medical experts Guidance, the province’s health and health system is moving, day and night, resolutely implement the control measures of "Fengyang will report, Fengyang omen, accept the report, the first-served screen".

Continuously improve the emergency plan, organize the province’s epidemic prevention and control emergency training drills in the province, and actively do the preparation of various work to respond to sudden epidemic.

Highlighting in an emergency combination, efficiently operating the emergency integration command mechanism, ensuring the first time, the first time decision, the first time, and firmly grasp the initiative of the epidemic prevention and control.

In the second half of the year, it has actively responded to the strong impact of the province of China’s multi-wheel epidemic, and it is rapidly decisively disposed of Taiyuan old military camp, Datong Third Hospital, Zhangzhou Mountain Yin, Yangquan Mining Area, Yuncheng Salt Lake District, Linyi Hongdong Service Area, Changzhi Freight drivers and other epidemic communication risks, scientific accurate response to U36 tourism specials, Datong Yuyuan, Zhangzhou prison, successfully completed the autumn school, Taiyuan energy low carbon development forum, National Day holiday and twelfth The party congress and other major security tasks have won another epidemic prevention and control.

Closely cooperate, strictly control the external defense input "five customs" to strictly link multiple departments such as traffic card, public security, Weijian, airport, railway, etc., the province launched 378 epidemic investigation-controlled sites; the average dispatched police force 2800 People, 1500 people, volunteers and other personnel, 500 volunteers and other personnel; accumulative to visit the high-risk area, 10,000 vehicles.

Strictly control the investigation management control, this year’s accumulated information 3598,570, accumulated 49,03,393 people, including 4,0293 people who have a time-space in the middle and high-risk areas and cases. Especially since October 13, accumulated controlled controlled 24,168 people, including 7,384 people who have a time and space in high-risk areas and cases, all of which are in place, and nucleic acid detection is negative. The overseas input, closed-loop management 83 interposed, 4,453 free diagnosis and treatment, hospitalization, hospitalization and centralized isolation of medical observations, report 125 cases of diagnosis in overseas, 122 cases, 3 cases were isolated in the hospital Treatment, no associated epidemic occurs.

Strictly control the import of cold chain customs, the province’s accumulation of key places such as farmer’s market, seafood product market, slaughterhouse, etc., 895,570, of which 29 batch of goods have a total of 91 outer packaging positive samples Two environmental positive samples, 2 positive samples of objects, all safe disposal, no epidemic transmission.

Strictly check the express mail, cumulative investigation of 1327 participation infectional goods, 1477 people involved in the participants, the collection environment, 3904 samples, the nucleic acid detection is negative, all safe disposal, block the epidemic. Scientific and accurate guarantee, building a defensive safety basis, to achieve "six in place" monitoring warning disposal, efficiently run multi-point trigger warning response system, accumulating management information 1062191, triggering the warning information 3190, all the first time response Disposal. The streaming traceability management is in place, and the multi-sector is divided into two strengthening teams, and the total handling of the investigation letter is 1,275, and the control is 1,6005, and more than 20,000 passes. The isolation site is in place, according to the standards per 10,000 people, the province has reserves more than 800 quarantine hotels and more than 60,000 interlaced rooms.

Nucleic acid detection ability is in place, open 264 nucleic acid testing agencies to the society, and meet the need to check the inspection needs.

At the same time, the provincial inspection resources, complement staff, materials, equipment gaps, and further enhance the nucleic acid detection ability.

Medical treatment is guaranteed, and the standard is set up in 176, and 16 provincial and secondary designated hospitals are guaranteed to prevent emergencies. The vaccination tissue is in place, and the province’s accumulated reports of new crown vaccines, covering thousands, including thousands of people have completed the whole process, and the province has initially established an immune barrier for the prevention of new crown viruses.

We launched a group control, ensuring that the work is effective, and the "three strengthening" strengthening the community prevention and control, the implementation of the community’s epidemic prevention and control work system, establishing the "three-level package protection" system, implement county, township, township package Village, village package; strict implementation of public security, Wei Jian, mener, volunteer, township (street) cadres "five packs and one" grid management, the first time to receive information, find someone in the first time, first Time isolation control. Strengthen civil responsibility and implement the patriotic health movement, fully strengthen publicity and education, guide the masses to establish a sense of consciousness of their own health, insist on less gathering, hard work, wearing masks, gathering, etc., etc. Good health habits, do personal protection Actively respond to the masses concerned, as of now, 12320 hotline acceplifies the new crown pneumonia epidemic related consultation 88701 times, in which the concentrated problem is a new crown vaccine related policy consultation 23,825 times, travel restrictions Question of 16269 times, and consult 8429 times in health code. Strengthen supervision and inspection and implementation, establish and improve the regular epidemic prevention and control supervision mechanism, since this round of epidemics, the provincial prevention and control office sent more than 140 pairs of people to enter the city, carrying out 3 rounds of epidemic Control supervision, various municipalities and counties also sent a supervision group, and the province has been covered by the city, the city’s all-round coverage, the county is covered with the township, and the layers are compromised.

The first report of the Central Propagander of the Party History is held in Beijing.

The first report of the Central Propagander of the Party History is held in Beijing.

Party history learning education central public propaganda group held in Beijing 2021 March 17 08:03 Source: Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 16th China Protection Department, Central Organization Department, Central Party History and Literature Research Institute The National Bureau of Working Committee, the Ministry of Education, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, the Communist Party of China held the first report of the Party history and education central propaganda group in Beijing on the morning of the 16th.

The Central Propaganda Mission member, the Dean of the Central Party History and the Dean of the Literature Research Institute In the report, Qu Qingshan has summarized the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the party’s history. He has profoundly expounds the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Party on the Party ‘s History. Historical experience, understanding of historical law, mastering history, struggling to win the great victory of new era in new era in new historical starting point, while surrounding the glorious history and historical contribution of the Communist Party of China, carrying out party history education The focus is explained, and further understanding of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of party history, enhances "four awareness", and "two confidence" The system interpretation is carried out in terms of maintenance.

The report is in-depth, rich in content, helping the audience deepen the understanding of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the historical discussion of the party, deepening the understanding of the significance of studying the education of party history.

Everyone said that according to the party’s central deployment, strive to investigate the objectives of party history education into common awareness and firm actions, school history, school history, school history, school history, study history, and strive to achieve the history of the party, Ideas, do practical things, and open a new bureau.

At the departmental government cadres, the head of the central enterprises, the teachers and students representatives of the colleges and students and the masses of all sectors, a total of more than 700 people participated in the report meeting. It is understood that after the Central Propaganda Group held the first preaching report in Beijing, it will be preached throughout the country.

The 95th anniversary of the Shenyang Palace Museum: Protecting the Cultural Heritage

The 95th anniversary of the Shenyang Palace Museum: Protecting the Cultural Heritage

Zhongxin Net Shenyang November 16th (Reporter Han Hong) On November 16, Shenyang Palace Museum ushered in the 95th anniversary of the building.

In 1926, in the Shengjing Palace, the East Third Provincial Museum as the first public museum in the northeast, and opened to the public in 1929. Since then, the "Feng Tian Palace Museum" in the Japanese Puppet period, the "Shenyang Museum" in the National Government, a "Shenyang Museum", a "Shenyang Museum", a "Shenyang Museum", a difficult to maintain.

After Shenyang Liberation in 1948, the Northeast People’s Government established the "Shenyang Forbidden City Exhibition Center". In 1955, it was renamed "Shenyang Palace Museum", 1986, "Shenyang Palace Museum Museum".

95 Spring and Autumn, Shenyang Palace from the past banned area, becoming a national first-class museum that publicly visited.

A generation of Shenyang Forward Museum is difficult to explore, the fire is passed, and the road to carry forward the promotion of China’s excellent traditional culture. Providing effective protection for cultural heritage as the management unit of the world cultural heritage, one of the main responsibilities of Shenyang Palace Museum is to effectively protect cultural heritage, how to introduce excellent cultural heritage to the next generation into an important topic.

In the past five years, Shenyang Palace has completed the "Shenyang Forbidden Palace Ancient Buildings, Phase I, Second Project", "Teacher Savotive Project", "Teacher Shan Decorative Project", etc. Ancient architectural repair work, and adhere to preventiveness The protection concept, the establishment of the Heritage Monitoring Center, deform monitoring of Shenyang Forbidden Palace ancient buildings. Both color painting protection projects and world heritage monitoring projects are the first in Liaoning Province, achieving the protected technology protection to transition from physical protection to preventive protection. In addition, the public demonstration and observation experience activities such as "the ancient building oil and color paintings", "combing parasystem Come.

Let more cultural relics to exhibit Li Sheng, whoever, from Shenyang Palace Museum, in the past 29 exhibition halls, the current opening of the exhibition hall, is the largest period of the exhibition hall in Shenyang Forbidden City, the exhibition hall The cultural relics are also the most. Li Sheng said that Shenyang Palace Museum broke all exhibitions from a department, and selected a selection of representative of the whole hospital. High-level curator, able to intervene in the exhibition in all directions, integrally planning from the theme establishment, value mining, environmental creation, exhibit layout, etc., so that the exhibition is in-depth, and I like it. "The three-piece cultural relics of the Shenyang Palace," "The crowd is looking for him thousands of Baidu – Shenyang Forbidden City ‘people’s favorite three cultural relics selection activities’ 100 pieces of the national treasure show" and other carefully planned exhibitions to the audience Tell the Chinese story.

The landmark buildings such as cultural decoction, and the phoenix building, such as "explosive models", and the deep palace of the deep palace is in the form of ice cream, night lights, tea pets into the usual people’s home, More and more young people walk into the Shenyang Forbidden City "Strine" cafe, "savory" milk tea shop taking pictures, will "eat into the belly" "" New trend. The research and development concept of Shenyang Forbidden City, the research and development concept is to bring culturally to home, let the cultural relics "live" in the Qing Dynasty, integrate culture into life, and use cultural to decapitate.

Li Sheng said that in recent years, Shenyang Palace Museum has ushered in new historical development opportunities. In 2019, the Temple repair was complete and opened to the outside, marking the Shenyang Forbidden City to achieve 100% open.

In 2021, the opening area was expanded, and the old site of the Northeast Telecom Management was rebuilt and became the palace of "Hui Palace Vientiane – Qinggong Furniture and Emperor Life" and opened to the audience. In the future, the Khan Wang Palace site, the old site of the Tiefang Timagong, the land of the Tongze Club will be built in the Shenyang Forbidden City Khan Wanggang Site Museum, the Qing Dynasty court Art Museum, Shenyang Forward Museum near the modern art hall, showing Shenyang Forbidden City deep historical culture Chinese story.

(End) Article Source: 中新 网 | Editor: Wang Jiangli.

The investment promotion with the intelligence of "wisdom"

The investment promotion with the intelligence of "wisdom"

  In the first winter warm sun, the fire-fighting construction site is visible to the construction site of the hot fire.

According to statistics, from January to October this year, the district introduced 34 projects in investment of more than 20 million yuan, the number of projects in Jiujiang City (county, city, district); the actual capital billion yuan, increase%, Jiujiang City ( The second place in counties, cities, districts).

  In the main battlefield of the two parks, the total investment of about 100 million yuan of Shacheng Industrial Park Standard Plant and total investment of billion yuan, the standard factory building is being stepped up construction, and these two standards can "stay in the bag" standard factory. It has attracted more than 20 companies to order.

The district developed the strategy of industrial training, and held the "Project General Assembly War, the Workplace and Promotion, Environmental Optimization" 100-day attacking action mobilization meeting, and implemented a red yellow brand mechanism on the 99 major projects built, strictly implemented "Weekly coordination, month Scheduling, season promotion, "by the four sets of team leaders, the leadership scheduling, the problem of discovery is timely coordinated, the project work period, the map operation, and strictly follow the progress." In this area, adhere to the investment promotion of the "intellectual" and relying on existing academician workstations, doctoral workstations, cooperate with a group of domestic well-known higher colleges and research institutes, and actively introduce national high-end talents and research projects. In order to ensure the progress of the project construction, the area has also set up a coordination agency such as business special class, commercial mediation, and vigorously implement the "window" approval and acceptance model, implement the first question responsibility system, one tells the system, limited time to do, not Seeing the approval of the 36 units of 647 matters have been initially completed. At the same time, 98 historical legacy issues were concentrated, and 13 on-site office solutions were effectively promoted. (Reporter Liu Xiaoyong correspondent Zhang Jinling) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.